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These handy math calculators to are helpful for beginners learning math or for easing the use of advanced formulas. These are also helpful for anyone who wants to quickly quickly solve a math problem.

Fraction Calculators and Tools

Use our fraction calculators and tools to help add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions, compare fractions, solve fractions in algebraic equations reduce fractions, convert fractions to decimals and percentages, or convert decimals to fractions.

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Area Calculator

Find the area of a space by entering the length and width. Area can be found by multiplying length times width.

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Compare Fractions

Compare fractions with different denominators using the fraction comparison calculator. The calculator shows all of the work so you can see all of the steps.

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Fraction to Decimal Calculator

Convert a fraction to a decimal using the fraction to decimal calculator. The calculator shows all of the steps so you can show your work. Learn 2 methods for converting a fraction to a decimal.

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Perimeter Calculator

Calculate the perimeter of many different polygons and shapes, such as a square, rectangle, trapezoid, parallelogram, triangle, or circle.

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Prime Factors Calculator

Find the prime factors of a number using the prime factor calculator. The calculator will also indicate if the number itself is a prime factor.

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Ratio Calculator

Find the ratio of two numbers, reduce a ratio, scale numbers, evaluate if 2 sets of numbers are equally proportional, or solve for the missing value.

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Volume Calculator

Calculate volume of common three-dimensional shapes, such as a cube, prism, cone, cylinder, pyramid, or capsule, and see formulas. Learn about finding the volume of an irregular shape.

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