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Find the percentage of a value by entering the percent and value below. Use our percent to total calculator to find the total value if you know the portion and percentage.


50% of 100 = 50

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How to Find the Percentage of a Value

Percentage is the proportion of a part to the whole amount or the portion of a value and can be expressed as a fraction/decimal or as a whole number with a percent symbol. Solve the percentage, or portion of a value using the formula:

y = value × percentage ÷ 100

Simply put, multiply the value by the percentage and then divide by 100 to find the result.

Red percent symbol

To find the amount of change from one value to another use our percent change calculator.

Example: Find 75% of 60

y = value × percentage ÷ 100
y = 60 × 75 ÷ 100
y = 4500 ÷ 100
y = 45

Use the calculator above to solve percentages. Use our percentage calculators for more tools for calculating percent values.