Percent Increase Calculator – Solve the Increase in a Value

Find the increase in a value by a percentage by entering the value and percent below. Use our percent decrease calculator to find the decrease in a value.



100 increased by 300% = 400

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increased value=400

How to Find Percent Increase

Percent increase is the change in a value by a percentage and can be found by finding the difference between the current value and the increased value and then adding the difference to the current value. Use the following formula to calculate the increase in a value by a percentage:

y = (value × (percent ÷ 100)) + value

Start by finding the amount to increase the value by multiplying the value by the percentage in decimal form(% ÷ 100). Then add the amount to increase to the original value to find the increased value.

icon with percent symbol and up arrow to symbolize percent increase

Our percent change calculator can help measure the amount of change in a value.

Example: Increase 80 by 50%

y = (value × (percent ÷ 100)) + value
y = (80 × (50 ÷ 100)) + 80
y = (80 × .5) + 80
y = 40 + 80
y = 120

Increasing a value by a percentage is also easy using the calculator above. Use our percentage calculators for more tools for calculating percent values.