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How to Calculate the Percentage of Marks

Calculating the percentage of marks is a fundamental skill required in educational institutions around the world. Whether you’re a student wanting to determine your academic performance or a teacher needing to assess your students’ progress, understanding how to calculate marks percentage accurately is crucial.

You can calculate the percentage of marks for a grade using the following formula and performing a few easy steps.

Marks Percentage Formula:

To calculate a marks percentage for a project or test, use the following formula:

marks percentage = scored marks / total marks × 100%

You can apply this formula in a few steps.

Step One: Get the Marks

To calculate the marks percentage, you will need two things:

Scored Marks: Identify the marks you or the students have achieved in the given assessment, exam, or course. If there are multiple sections, then add the marks from each together to find the sum of the scored marks.

Total Marks: Determine the total marks achievable for the assessment, exam, or course you are evaluating.

Step Two: Calculate the Percentage of Marks:

To calculate the percentage of marks, use the formula above and the values gathered from step one. Divide the scored marks by the total marks and multiply the result by 100%. The final result is the marks percentage.

You can also use our fraction to percent calculator to convert marks to a percentage.

For example, let’s calculate the marks percentage for an exam where a student scored 85 marks out of 100 total.

marks percentage = 85 / 100 × 100% = 85%

Step Three: Round the Percentage (optional):

Depending on the requirements or conventions of your educational institution, you may need to round the percentage to a specific decimal place. Some institutions prefer rounding to the nearest whole number, while others may require one or two decimal places.

If needed, round the resulting marks percentage to the required precision.