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How to Calculate a High School GPA

A grade point average, or GPA, is a standard way of measuring academic achievement in the U.S. A GPA is a weighted average of the grades a student earns in their courses.

You can follow a few easy steps to calculate a high school GPA.

Step One: Understand the GPA Scale

Most high schools use a 4.0 scale, where:

Table showing the GPA for each letter grade.
Letter Grade GPA
A 4.0
B 3.0
C 2.0
D 1.0
F 0.0

However, some schools utilize weighted GPAs that account for the additional rigor of certain classes. For example, advanced placement (AP) or college-level classes may follow a 5.0 scale, where an A would equate to 5.0 instead of 4.0.

Step Two: Weight Each Grade

For every class you’ve taken, assign the corresponding point value for the grade from the scale. For example, if you earned a B in a standard class, you’d assign it a 3.0.

If your school uses weighted grades and you’ve taken honors, AP (Advanced Placement), or IB (International Baccalaureate) classes, you’ll need to weight the GPAs. Typically, these scales look something like this:

  • regular classes = +0 points
  • honors classes = +0.5 points
  • AP/IB classes = +1.0 point

Step Three: Multiply Grade Points by Course Credit

Many high schools use credits or credit hours for different classes. For instance, if a course is a full year, it might be worth 1 credit, while a semester course might be worth 0.5 credits.

If this is the case at your school, then you’ll need to multiply the grade point you received for the course by the number of credits the course is worth.

Step Four: Sum the Total Grade Points

The next step is to add up all the results from step three to get the sum of all your grade points weighted by course credit.

Step Five: Divide by Total Credit Hours

Lastly, to get your GPA, divide the sum from step four by the total number of credits you’ve attempted.

This process is the same as the one used to calculate a weighted grade. Here’s the basic formula:

GPA = \frac{\left (g_{1} \cdot c_{1} \right ) + \left (g_{2} \cdot c_{2} \right ) + … + \left (g_{n} \cdot c_{n} \right )}{c_{1} + c_{2}+ … + c_{n}}
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Your GPA is equal to the sum of the products of each class’s GPA and its credit hours divided by the total number of credit hours.

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High School GPA Tips

Know Your School’s System: While the above is a general guide, always refer to your school’s specific GPA guidelines, as scales and weights can vary.

Transcripts: Your high school transcript should display your GPA, but understanding how it’s calculated can be beneficial, especially when planning for college admissions.

Beyond the Numbers: While GPA is important, remember that colleges and employers often look at a range of factors, including extracurricular activities, letters of recommendation, and personal essays.