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How to Convert a GPA to a Letter Grade

GPA, or grade point average, is a standardized method of calculating a student’s average performance across all of their classes. Letter grades range from A to F, while GPAs range from 0 to 4.0 (or higher in some cases).

You can convert a GPA to a letter grade by referencing a GPA scale.

GPA to Letter Grade Scale

Here’s a general breakdown of GPAs and their equivalent letter grades:

Table showing GPAs and their equivalent letter grade.
GPA Letter Grade
4.0 A
3.0 B
2.0 C
1.0 D
0.0 F

It’s important to note that many institutions use plus (+) or minus (-) designations to distinguish higher or lower performance within each grade level. Some also offer grades above a 4.0 for honors or advanced placement (AP) classes., which can lead to GPAs higher than 4.0.

The chart below shows the breakdown of HPS and their letter grades using the plus/minus grading scale.

Table showing GPAs and their equivalent letter grade using the plus/minus grading scale.
GPA Letter Grade
4.33 A+
4.0 A
3.67 A-
3.33 B+
3.0 B
2.67 B-
2.33 C+
2.0 C
1.67 C-
1.33 D+
1.0 D
0.67 D-
0.0 F

To convert your GPA to a letter grade, refer to the scales above to locate your GPA. If your GPA is between ranges, then find the letter grade for the GPA that is just lower than yours, this is your letter grade.

It is important to note that not all schools or institutions follow the exact same scale, especially internationally. The above scales are common in the U.S., but always refer to your specific school’s guidelines.

Considerations For Weight Grades

If your school offers AP, honors, or other advanced courses, these might be weighted differently. For example, an “A” in an AP class might be worth 5.0 rather than 4.0. If your GPA is above 4.0, it indicates exceptional performance in these higher-weighted classes.

This is more common when calculating a high school GPA, but many colleges offer honors programs as well.