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Use our weighted grade calculator to calculate a course grade that is averaged for various components such as assignments, projects, quizzes, and exams.


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How to Calculate a Weighted Grade

Understanding how to calculate a weighted grade is essential for both students and educators. In many educational settings, not all assignments or exams carry the same importance in the overall class grade.

Some might be worth more of the overall grade than others. For instance, a final exam often contributes more to a final grade than a single homework assignment. This is referred to as a weighted grade.

A weighted grade is essentially a weighted average, and you can calculate it using a formula based on the weighted average formula.

Weighted Grade Formula

To calculate a weighted grade, you can apply the weighted average formula:

grade = \frac{\left (g_{1} \cdot w_{1} \right ) + \left (g_{2} \cdot w_{2} \right ) + … + \left (g_{n} \cdot w_{n} \right )}{w_{1} + w_{2}+ … + w_{n}}
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Thus, a weighted grade is equal to the sum of the products of each grade and its weight, divided by the sum of the weights.

The total weight is typically the sum of all weights, which often equals 1 (or 100% if you’re working in percentages).

For example, let’s consider a student who has taken three tests in a course. The first test is worth 30% of their final grade, the second test is worth 40%, and the third is worth 30%.

Let’s say the student scored 80% on the first test, 90% on the second, and 85% on the third. Here’s how you’d calculate the weighted grade:

grade = \frac{\left (0.8 \cdot 0.3 \right ) + \left (0.9 \cdot 0.4 \right ) + \left (0.85 \cdot 0.3 \right )}{0.3 + 0.4 + 0.3}
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grade = \frac{0.24 + 0.36 + 0.255}{1.0}
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grade = 0.855
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Thus, the student’s weighted grade is 85.5%.