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How to Calculate Your Grade on a Test

The process of calculating your grade on a test is straightforward, and with just a little math, you can easily determine your grade as a percentage.

Step One: Identify the total possible points. Before you can calculate your grade, you need to know the maximum number of points or marks you can score on the test. This is typically provided by your teacher or indicated on the test itself.

Step Two: Determine your raw score. Your raw score is the number of points you actually earned on the test. This is typically the number of correct answers scored. You can find this by subtracting the number of incorrect answers from the total possible points.

Step Three: Divide your raw score by the total possible points. The result is a decimal representing the proportion of the test you answered correctly.

Step Four: Convert the decimal to a percentage by multiplying the decimal value by 100.

The result is your grade on the test as a percentage.

Test Grade Formula

You can use the following formula to calculate your test grade:

test grade = correct answers / total questions × 100%

Thus, the test grade is equal to the number of correct answers divided by the total number of questions, multiplied by 100%. This also how you can calculate your marks percentage for an exam.

For example, let’s assume you took a math test with a total of 50 questions, and each question was worth 1 point. If you answered 40 questions correctly, your raw score would be 40. To calculate your test grade, divide your raw score by the total possible points.

test grade = 40 / 50 × 100%
test grade = 0.8 × 100% = 80%

So, in this example, you scored 80% on your math test.

The process for calculating your final class grade is sometimes a little different due to weighting. Learn more using our weighed grade calculator.