Tip Calculator

Enter the bill price, tip percentage, and number of people to calculate the total tip and bill amount.

How to Calculate the Tip

Cash tip left for a restaurant bill

Calculating the amount to tip can be done in a few easy steps. Start by dividing the tip percentage by 100 to get the percentage as a decimal.

tip as decimal = tip percentage ÷ 100

For example, if the tip percentage is 15%, divide 15 by 100 to find the decimal form, which is 0.15.

Next, multiply the tip percentage in decimal form by the total bill to calculate the amount to tip.

tip amount = bill amount × tip percentage

Thus, the tip amount is equal to the total bill amount times the tip percentage in decimal form.

For example, let’s calculate a 20% tip for a $75 bill.

tip as decimal = 20% ÷ 100
tip as decimal = 0.20

tip amount = $75 × 0.20
tip amount = $15

Thus, $15 would be a 20% tip on a $75 bill.

A Simple Trick to Calculate the Tip

Caught without your smartphone or a calculator? Here’s an easy way to calculate a tip without any tech.

Take the total bill and double it in your head, then shift the decimal point to the left one place. This will be a 20% tip amount.

For example, on a $100 bill, double the bill in your head – the result is $200. Then move the decimal point one place to the left, which is $20.0. Thus, the tip amount in this example is $20.

How Much is a Good Tip?

There are many different opinions on what a good tip is, and ultimately it’s up to you how much to tip for the service you receive. It’s generally agreed on that 15% is a good starting point for a tip.[1]

Suggested Tips for Various Services

The amount you might consider tipping also varies for different services and industries. Consider this as a starting point, and of course use your preference or judgement if you disagree.

Table showing the recommended amount to tip for various services[2]
Service Tip Amount
Waitress / Waiter 15-20%
Bartender 15-20% – $1 minimum
Sommelier 15% of the bottle price
Coatroom attendant $1 per coat
Valet $2
Taxi / Driver 15%
Food Delivery 10% – increase to 15-20% for large or difficult orders
Hair Stylist / Barber 15-20%
Hotel Bellhop $1 per bag – $2 minimum
Hotel Housekeeper $2-5 per night
Hotel Concierge $5 if they arrange tickets or reservations
Airport Skycap $1 per bag – $2 minimum


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