Printable Protractor

A printable protractor can be used in place of a plastic one in a pinch or for one-time uses

Use our free printable protractor to accurately measure an angle. It’s a standard 6″ protractor with angle measurements in both directions to find inside and outside angles.

It includes a 6″ and 10 cm ruler and is completely disposable making it great for one-time use projects or projects requiring a flexibility or a bendable tool to wrap around angles. Offers precision down to 1 degree.

Use our free printable protractor to quickly measure an angle when you don't have one handy

Get the printable protractor here!

Printable Protractor Tips

Tips to get the most out of the printable protractor

  • Use heavy-weight paper or heavy card stock to get a more rigid protractor. This can make it last longer or keep it more rigid when needed.
  • Use light-weight or standard printer paper to make the protractor more flexible. This can help it bend around curves on a project.
  • Check the accuracy of the protractor by measuring a dollar bill, it should measure just over 6″ and be the same size as the base. This is only needed to calibrate the rulers, the angle measurements will work at any size.
  • Use our degree unit conversion tool to convert the angle measurement from degrees to radians, mils, or grads.
  • Find out how to use a protractor and learn tips and tricks for measuring angle.
  • See our printable rulers or printable tape measure if you need to measure length.

Printer Setup

The tape measure must be printed in the actual size of the PDF document without any scaling or resizing.

Some computers such as Windows PCs may have a setting to set “page scaling” to “none” while others such as Mac computers may have an option to set the “scale” to “100%”, either of these options will work.

Avoid using the “fit to page”, “scale to fit”, or “fill entire paper” options as these will cause the image to be printed larger or smaller than it’s actual size.