Printable Rulers – Free 12″ Rulers

Free printable 12"/30cm ruler
Our free, printable paper rulers offer easy and accurate measurements. Simply print one of our free PDF rulers and you have an instant measuring tool.

Great for learning or if you do not own a ruler but need to take a quick measurement. These offer an easy way to measure something without a tape measure.

They are free and disposable, making them perfect for one-time-use, craft, or sewing projects.

Printable Ruler Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to maximize the value of our printable rulers.

  • Use card-stock or heavy paper for a more rigid ruler that will last longer
  • Print on lighter weight paper to make the ruler more flexible, which is useful for crafts or sewing projects
  • Test the size of the printout prior to use by measuring another sheet of paper (a sheet of letter paper should measure exactly 8.5″ x 11″)
  • Print multiple rulers and tape them together for longer measurements when you don’t have a tape measure
  • Learn how to read a ruler with our simple how-to guide
  • See our printable tape measure if you need a longer measurement or our printable protractor for angle measurements.

Printer Setup

It’s important to print the ruler at the actual size of the file without any scaling. Set your printer to disable any scaling.

Some computers such as Windows PCs may have a setting to set “page scaling” to “none” while others such as Mac computers may have an option to set the “scale” to “100%”, either of these options will work.

Avoid using the “fit to page”, “scale to fit”, or “fill entire paper” options as these will cause the image to be printed larger or smaller than it’s actual size.