Printable Tape Measure – Free 60″ Measuring Tape

Get a free printable tape measure

Use our printable tape measure for accurate measurements for sewing, crafts, and other projects. The tape measure is a 60″ long flexible tape and replaces a standard tape measure.

Combine multiple prints to get an even longer tape. One major benefit to the printable tape is that it is completely disposable, use it and simply throw it away when you’re done with it.

The measurements offer precision in 1/16″ increment measurement markings and is extremely accurate. Get the PDF tape measure below.

The printable tape measure is accurate, flexible, disposable, and free. It's perfect for sewing, crafts, and remodeling projects.

Get our free printable tape measure here!

Printable Tape Measure Tips

Get more out of your printable measuring tape with these tips.

  • Use card stock or heavy-weight paper for a more rigid tape measure. This is preferable for long or straight measurements.
  • Use light-weight paper to make the tape more flexible. This is preferable when you want to wrap the tape around curves, such as for sewing and craft projects.
  • Verify that the printout is accurate and the correct size by measuring a sheet of printer paper. A standard piece of US letter paper measures 8.5″ x 11″.
  • Print several copies to make the tape measure longer. This is useful to measure rooms or large areas.
  • Learn how to use a tape measure with our handy how-to guide
  • Check out our reviews of the best tape measures if you are looking to purchase one.
  • See our printable rulers if you need a shorter measurement or need a metric measurement. We also have a ruler with fractional markings for easier measurements. See our printable protractor for angle measurements.

Printer Setup

The tape measure must be printed in the actual size of the PDF document without any scaling or resizing.

Some computers such as Windows PCs may have a setting to set “page scaling” to “none” while others such as Mac computers may have an option to set the “scale” to “100%”, either of these options will work.

Avoid using the “fit to page”, “scale to fit”, or “fill entire paper” options as these will cause the image to be printed larger or smaller than it’s actual size.