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How to Calculate Unit Rate

Unit rate, or just rate, is a measure of the quantity of one thing compared to the amount of a different thing. For example, velocity or speed is a rate, which is the change in distance relative to the duration of time.

So, how do you calculate the rate given two different quantities? Start by using the unit rate formula:

rate = quantity 1 / quantity 2

Thus rate is equal to the quantity of unit one divided by the quantity of unit 2.

Rate is often expressed as quantity 1 per quantity 2, for example, miles per hour.

Thus, the rate can also be considered to be a fraction that is reduced so that the numerator is an expression over 1. Think of this as the number of miles per 1 hour.

Unit rates are often further simplified and expressed as just the numerator with the first quantity unit over the second. For instance, 25 miles/hour.

Unit price can also be considered a rate of price to the quantity. Try our unit price calculator to learn more.

Rate Calculation Examples

For example, let’s find the rate of speed when you have traveled 100 miles in 4 hours.

rate = 100 miles / 4 hours
rate = 25 miles / 1 hour
rate = 25 miles/hour (mph)

For example, let’s find the rate of an engine that can turn a wheel 2500 revolutions in 10 minutes.

rate = 2500 revolutions / 10 minutes
rate = 250 revolutions / 1 minute
rate = 250 revolutions/minute (rpm)

For example, let’s find the flow rate for 75 gallons of fluid flowed over a 5-minute time period.

rate = 75 gallons / 5 minutes
rate = 15 gallons / 1 minute
rate = 15 gallons/minute (gpm)