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Convert a number to standard form by entering the decimal value below. You can also convert a number in standard form to decimal.

Hint: use a format such as 5.2 × 10^8 to represent standard form.


Standard Form

2.597 × 107


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How to Write a Number in Standard Form

Standard form, also referred to as scientific notation, is a way of representing very large numbers or very small numbers in a concise format that is easier to read.

Numbers in standard form are written as an equation of a coefficient multiplied by 10 to the nth power.

For instance, the number 25,970,000 can be expressed using standard form as 2.597 × 107.

The number of digits in the equation coefficient will vary depending on the significant figures in the number. You can use a sig fig calculator to find the significant figures.

You can convert a number from decimal to standard form in a few simple steps.

Step One: Create the Equation

First, create an equation with the initial number in decimal form as the coefficient multiplied by 10 to the power of 0.

For example, let’s create the initial standard form equation for the decimal 25,970,000.
25,970,000 = 25,970,000 × 100

Step Two: Move the Decimal Point

The next step is to move the decimal point in the coefficient until there is one significant digit to the left of the decimal point. For small numbers less than 1, you would move the decimal point to the right.

For each space the decimal point is moved to the left, increase the exponent by 1. For numbers less than 1, reduce the exponent by 1 for each space the decimal point is moved to the right.

Continuing the example above, let’s finish converting 25,970,000 to standard form.

25,970,000 = 25,970,000.0 × 100
25,970,000 = 2,597,000.0 × 101
25,970,000 = 259,700.0 × 102
25,970,000 = 25,970.0 × 103
25,970,000 = 2,597.0 × 104
25,970,000 = 259.7 × 105
25,970,000 = 25.97 × 106
25,970,000 = 2.597 × 107

You can use our exponent calculator to learn more about working with exponents in a standard form equation.