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three hundred and twenty-five
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How to Convert a Number to Words

Writing large numbers in word form can initially seem daunting, but with a few guidelines and a systematic approach, it becomes a manageable task. Follow along to see how to write out numbers using words.

To effectively write large numbers in words, it is essential to understand place values. Place values help in breaking down numbers into smaller, manageable parts. The following table shows the place values for numbers up to the trillion:

  • Hundreds: (100-999)
  • Thousands: (1,000-999,999)
  • Millions: (1,000,000-999,999,999)
  • Billions: (1,000,000,000-999,999,999,999)
  • Trillions: (1,000,000,000,000-999,999,999,999,999)

Each segment of a large number can be broken down into these categories, making it easier to convert into words.

Use the following steps to translate a number into word form:

Step One: Break Down the Number

Start by dividing the number into smaller groups of three digits, starting from the right. For example, the number 1234567890 can be broken into 1,234,567,890.

Each group (billions, millions, thousands, and ones) will be handled separately.

Step Two: Write Each Group in Words

Translate each group of three digits into words starting from the right. The first segment on the right is the hundreds value. For instance, the number 890 can be written as eight hundred and ninety.

Continue doing this for each group, moving from right to left and advancing the group as you go.

So, for the second group 567 in the example number above, write it out using thousands instead of hundreds, e.g. five hundred and sixty-seven thousand.

Step Three: Combine the Groups

Now, combine all the groups, ensuring you maintain their correct place values. Since we worked from right to left, be sure to reverse the resulting number to get the groups in the correct order.

Putting it all together, the number 1,234,567,890 from the example above in words is: one billion, two hundred and thirty-four million, five hundred and sixty-seven thousand, eight hundred and ninety.

Additional Tips

  • Hyphens: Use hyphens for numbers between twenty-one (21) and ninety-nine (99).
  • Consistency: Be consistent with your style. If you start using the word “and,” continue using it in the same way for each group in the entire number.
  • Complex Numbers: For very large or complex numbers, consider writing them in a more readable format. For example, 1,000,000,000,000 can be written as “one trillion” instead of “one thousand billion.”

Names of Large Numbers

Table showing the names in word form for large numbers from one to a googol.
Number Value Number of Zeros Name
1 0 One
10 1 Ten
100 2 Hundred
1000 3 Thousand
106 6 Million
109 9 Billion
1012 12 Trillion
1015 15 Quadrillion
1018 18 Quintillion
1021 21 Sextillion
1024 24 Septillion
1027 27 Octillion
1030 30 Nonillion
1033 33 Decillion
1036 36 Undecillion
1039 39 Duodecillion
1042 42 Tredecillion
1045 45 Quattuordecillion
1048 48 Quindecillion
1051 51 Sexdecillion
1054 54 Septendecillion
1057 57 Octodecillion
1060 60 Novemdecillion
1063 63 Vigintillion
1066 66 Unvigintillion
1069 69 Duovigintillion
1072 72 Trevigintillion
1075 75 Quattuorvigintillion
1078 78 Quinvigintillion
1081 81 Sexvigintillion
1084 84 Septenvigintillion
1087 87 Octovigintillion
1090 90 Novemvigintillion
1093 93 Trigintillion
1096 96 Untrigintillion
1099 99 Duotrigintillion
10100 100 Googol