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Use our semester grade calculator to determine your final grade given your grade for each quarter and the final exam.

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The weights of each grade must add up to 100%.

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How to Calculate a Semester Grade

In many educational systems, a semester grade is composed of several quarterly grades and a final exam. A weighted grading system is designed to give different significance to different assignments or tasks based on their importance.

Using a weighted grading system provides educators with the flexibility to assign importance to different components of a course.

Understanding how weighted grading works is crucial for students aiming to maintain or improve their academic standing. Weighted grading is just a weighted average of several grades.

You can calculate a semester grade using the same process as calculating a semester GPA by following a few easy steps.

Step One: Identify the Weights

Before you can start calculating your grade, it’s essential to identify the weights assigned to each component of the semester grade. For instance, the overall semester grade for a course may weighted such that the first quarter grade contributes 40%, the second quarter grade contributes 40%, and the final grade contributes the remaining 20%.

However, it’s important to note that these weights can vary from one course or institution to another, so always check with your course or school’s specific weighting system.

Step Two: Convert Percentages to Decimals

To simplify calculations, you’ll need to convert the weights from percentages to decimals. You can do this by dividing the percentage by 100.

decimal = percentage ÷ 100

You can repeat this for the grade for each to get the grade as a decimal as well. You can use our percent to decimal calculator to do this.

Step Three: Multiply Each Grade by its Weight

The next step is to multiply the converted weights by the grade for their respective component to calculate the weighted score for each one.

For instance, if the first quarter grade is 80% and the weight is 40%, then you can calculate the weighted score like this:

score = 0.8 × 0.4 = 0.32

Step Four: Sum the Weighted Scores

Then, once you’ve obtained the weighted scores for each component, you’ll need to sum them up. Add each score together to calculate the total grade as a decimal.

total score = q1 score + q2 score + final exam score

Step Five: Convert the Result to a Percentage

The final step is to calculate your overall semester grade as a percentage by multiplying the decimal by 100. You can also use our decimal to percentage calculator for this.