Percent to Total Calculator

Find the total value that when multiplied by a percentage equals a known value. Find the total value that a percentage would equal the portion.


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30 = 75% of 40

Steps to Solve

Start with the formula to calculate the percentage of total
y=value÷percentage / 100
Substitute values in the equation
y=30÷75 / 100
Simplify and solve
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How to Find the Total Value Given a Portion and Percentage

Here’s how to solve an unknown total value when you know the percentage that the portion is of the total. Find an unknown value that a known value is a percentage of using the formula:

y = value ÷ (percentage ÷ 100)

Solve by dividing the known value by the percentage divided by 100 to get the unknown total value.

Example: 45 is 75% of what total value?

y = value ÷ (percentage ÷ 100)
y = 45 ÷ (75 ÷ 100)
y = 45 ÷ .75
y = 60