Percent to Total Calculator

Find the total value that when multiplied by a percentage equals a known value. Find the total value that a percentage would equal the portion. Also see our percentage calculator to find the percentage of a value.


30 = 75% of 40

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How to Find the Total Value Given a Portion and Percentage

Here’s how to solve an unknown total value when you know the percentage that the portion is of the total. Find an unknown value that a known value is a percentage of using the formula:

y = value ÷ (percentage ÷ 100)

Solve by dividing the known value by the percentage divided by 100 to get the unknown total value.

Our percentage calculator can help if you know the total and want to find a portion of it.

Black percent symbol

Example: 45 is 75% of what total value?

y = value ÷ (percentage ÷ 100)
y = 45 ÷ (75 ÷ 100)
y = 45 ÷ .75
y = 60

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