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How to Calculate Sector Area

A sector is a pie-slice shaped portion of a circle surrounded by two radii edges and bounded by the circle’s outer arc.

diagram of a sector showing the radius, central angle, chord length, and arc length

To calculate the area of a sector, a simple formula can be used.

Sector Area Formula

The area of a sector can be found using the formula:

sector area = r² × θ / 2

Thus, a sector’s area is equal to the radius r squared times the central angle θ in radians, divided by 2.

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For example, find the area of a sector with a radius of 12 and a central angle of 1.5 radians.

sector area = 12² × 1.5 / 2
sector area = 144 × 1.5 / 2
sector area = 216 / 2
sector area = 108

Thus, the area of the sector is 108.

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