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Construction Calculators and Estimation Tools

Construction calculators are useful for estimating material for many construction, remodeling, and renovation projects. Our tools provide geometric calculations for building projects such as concrete and masonry work, landscaping, fences, flooring, siding, roofing, and other projects and help find how much material should be ordered. Most tools include material price estimation to give an estimated cost of your project. Share your results and easily request quotes from contractors for your project.

Construction Resources

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Grass Seed Calculator

Learn how to estimate how much grass seed is needed for your lawn. Enter square footage, length & width, or the acreage of the land to find how many pounds of seed is needed.

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Plant and Flower Calculator

Estimate how many flowers or plants are needed to fill a landscaping bed using the plant calculator. Find how many plants will be needed when using a rectangle or triangle planting pattern.

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Post Hole Concrete Calculator

Estimate concrete for post hole projects. Calculate how many yards of concrete or bags of concrete are needed for filling post holes for fences, decks, footings, and columns.

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Roof Pitch Calculator

Find the pitch of a roof using the rise and run or the angle of the roof in degrees. Learn how to find the pitch of a roof by finding the rise and run.

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