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Estimate the vinyl fence material needed for your project, including vinyl panels, posts, and concrete. The calculator will also generate a price estimate for the materials and locate post center measurements.

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How to Estimate Vinyl Fence Materials

Vinyl privacy fence using a 6 ft tall by 8 ft wide panel

Vinyl fences are a durable, nearly maintenance-free alternative to wood and metal fences. When estimating the material needed for a vinyl fence, it is essential to first select the style of fence and type of panel you want.

They are available in a wide variety of styles, so you can get nearly any look you want.

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Structurally, vinyl fences are based on the same post, rails, and picket system as wood and metal fences. The difference is that vinyl fences come in pre-built panels that are installed between the posts using brackets

Some come as components that snap into pre-routed holes and slots, which you need to assemble on-site.

Because each manufacturer has its own connection system, panel systems require specially constructed posts. Those and post caps are often sold separately from the panels.

How Many Vinyl Fence Panels Do You Need

Finding the number of panels needed for a vinyl fence installation is a pretty simple process, but you need to know the length of the panel you’re using first and the length of each section of fence between each corner.

The general process will be to find the number of panels needed for each section of fence and then add the total for each section together to find the total number of panels.

The number of panels in a section is equal to the length of the section in inches minus the width of the post divided by the length of the panel in inches plus the post dimension.

For example, let’s find the number of panels for a 100′ stretch of fence using 8′ panels and 5″ x 5″ posts.

Convert measurements to inches:

100′ × 12 = 1200″
8′ × 12 = 96″

Find the number of panels:

(1200″ – 5″) ÷ (96″ + 5″) = 11.83
1195″ ÷ 101″ = 11.83

Round up:

11.83 rounded up = 12 panels

How Many Vinyl Fence Posts Do You Need

Before estimating the number of vinyl fence posts for your installation, determine the number of ends and corners you will need. Vinyl fence posts come in 3 different types, end posts to use at the end of the fence, corner posts for joining fence panels at a 90° angle, and line posts for joining fence panels at 180°.

You will need one corner post for each corner of the fence and one end post for each end of the fence. Once you know the number of ends you need and the number of corners, the final step is to find the number of line posts needed.

The number of posts is generally equal to the number of panels plus one for the end. This is because every panel will connect to a post and then add a post to connect to the next section.

The final panel will also need an end post, which is why you need the extra post. To find the number of line posts, subtract the number of corner posts and end posts from the panels + 1 measurement.

For example, let’s find the number of posts for a fence with 12 panels, 1 corner, and 2 ends.

panels + 1 = total posts
12 panels + 1 = 13 total posts

1 corner = 1 corner post
2 ends = 2 end posts
13 total posts – 1 corner – 2 ends = 10 line posts

It’s important to note that you’ll need a vinyl post cap for each post, which you might need to purchase separately. In our example, we would need to order 13 post caps in addition to the posts.

How Much Does a Vinyl Fence Cost

Vinyl fence materials range in price based on the style of fence, height of the fence, and quality of materials. The average 6′ vinyl privacy fence costs $25-$35 per foot. Get an estimate for your fence installation from a local installation pro.

If you know how much material you need, you can easily estimate the price of a vinyl fence. One option to get a material price estimate is to get a quote from a home center or supplier based on your materials.

Another option is to find the price of each style of post, post caps, and panels. Multiply each price by the quantity needed, then add together to find the total cost of materials.

Are you installing a wood fence? See our fence calculator to learn more.

Next Step – After estimating materials, it’s time to begin laying things out. Learn how to lay out a fence safely and efficiently, including how to avoid buried utilities, center your posts and panels, and get perfectly square corners.
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