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How to Calculate Square Meters

You might find yourself needing the area of a room or other space in square meters for a flooring, renovation, or landscaping project. You can measure the area of a space in square meters in a few simple steps. Follow along to learn how to calculate yourself, or simply use the calculator above.

Step One: Measure Length and Width

Start by measuring the length and width of the space in meters using a tape measure or other measuring tool.

If your measurement is in another unit of measure, centimeters for example, then you’ll need to convert to square meters. We have some simple area conversion utilities, or you can convert yourself. If your measurement is in centimeters then divide by 100.

Step Two: Multiply Measurements Together

Now that you have a length and width measurement, you can find the area in square meters by multiplying the length and width together.

square meters = length × width

Measuring Oddly Shaped Rooms

Often you’ll need to measure a space that’s not a perfect rectangle. It might be easiest to try to split up oddly shaped areas into separate shapes and measure the square meters of each of them separately.

You’ll also find that the formula above works great for rectangular areas. For other shapes, try our area calculator.

diagram showing how to measure a complex area
Illustration demonstrating how to split up a complicated area into simpler shapes

See the formula below to see how to add the areas of a complex space together.
total square meters = area 1 + area 2

If you’re interested in calculating square footage, give our square feet area calculator a shot.