Cubic Footage Calculator

Calculate the cubic footage of a volume or space by entering the dimensions below. Enter dimensions in feet, inches, or even metric.


  Cubic feet

How to Calculate Cubic Footage

Cubic footage is the volume of a space measured in feet. It’s the volume of a cube with width, length, and height equal to one foot. Measurements in cubic feet are primarily used in the US and parts of Canada.

Knowing the cubic footage of an object or space is often necessary for shipping, freight, and landscaping projects. Find cubic feet by first measuring the length, width, and height of a space or item, in feet.

If your measurements are in inches, then convert them to feet by dividing the inch measurement by 12 or use our handy inches to feet conversion utility.

Finally, multiply the 3 measurements together to find the cubic footage.

Length × Width × Height = Cubic Footage

This calculator support calculating volume for a cube or rectangle, find the volume for even more shapes.