Mulch Calculator and Coverage Estimator

Estimate How Much Mulch You Need

Estimate the mulch needed to fill an area given the length and width of the space.

Mulch Needed:

  Cubic yards
  Cubic feet
Number of Mulch Bags
  2 cu. ft. bags

Enter the size of the landscaping area and the depth of fill to find how much mulch is needed to fill the bed. The calculator displays the cubic feet, cubic yards, and number of bags of mulch needed. Check out our soil calculator to calculate soil for a garden bed and use our cubic yardage calculator to estimate other landscaping materials.

Find how much mulch you need for a landscaping project

How to Calculate Mulch to Fill Landscape Bed

The first step to calculating how much mulch to purchase is to measure the space that will be covered. Use a tape measure to measure the length and width of the space. Multiply the length in feet times the width in feet to find the square footage of the space. If the landscape bed is complex then split it up into manageable sections and measure each separately.

Determine the depth of the mulch bed, we recommend a 3″ depth for an average mulch bed, but 2″ or 4″ would be just fine as well. Multiply the depth (in feet) by the area from the previous step. For instance, if you are putting in a 3″ depth bed then multiply the area by .25 (eg. 12″ / 3″ = .25). This is your cubic footage.

Mulch is sold by the bag, which is usually measured by the cubic foot. You can also purchase in bulk by the cubic yard, which will require converting the cubic footage measurement to cubic yards. To convert cubic feet to cubic yards simply divide the cubic feet by 27, eg. ft3 / 27.

Before purchasing mulch do some research on the best type for your project. Backyard Boss explains that there are several types of mulch available, including garden mulch, rubber mulch, bark mulch, hardwood mulch, hemlock mulch, and leaf mulch. Learn how to choose the right type of mulch for your project. Different types of mulch also cost more than others and that may be an important factor in your decision.