How Much Does Plywood Weigh?

A stack of plywood sheets at a lumber yard

The actual weight of plywood varies by product and manufacturer which can make it challenging to predict the weight perfectly. On average, a 4′ x 8′ sheet of 3/4″ softwood plywood weighs about 61 pounds. Read on to learn more about what impacts the weight and find the weight for different varieties and thicknesses of plywood.

What Affects the Weight of Plywood

A few factors impact the weight of plywood. The precise thickness of the panel is a major factor in the weight. Not all plywood is the nominal thickness after drying. Learn more about the actual thickness of plywood.

In addition to thickness, the type of plywood is a major factor in how much it weighs. Different species of woods have varying densities. For example, hardwood lumber weighs more than softwood lumber due to higher densities. Calculate the weight of different species of lumber using our lumber weight calculator.

Different types of plywood also have varying amounts of glues and resins, which affect the weight significantly. In addition to using different amounts of glues and resins, different types of resin vary in weight. There are some varieties of plywood that use special resin to reduce the weight, for instance, lightweight plywood products.

Different grades of plywood may also have more or fewer voids than others, which might slightly impact the weight. A panel made up mostly of particles and glue(MDF) will be much denser than plywood with many voids and less glue.

Plywood Weight Chart

The charts below show the weight of plywood panels at different thicknesses. Weight may vary slightly by manufacturer and product.

Standard Plywood Dimensions

Weight of 4′ x 8′ sheets of various types and thicknesses of plywood measured in pounds.
Plywood Type Plywood Thickness
1/4″ 3/8″ 1/2″ 5/8″ 3/4″ 1-1/8″
Softwood Plywood 22 lbs 28.5 lbs 40.5 lbs 48 lbs 61 lbs 84.5 lbs
Hardwood Plywood 24.5 lbs 31.5 lbs 45 lbs 53 lbs 67.5 lbs 94 lbs
Marine Plywood 27 lbs 35 lbs 50 lbs 59 lbs 75 lbs 104 lbs
Baltic Birch 26 lbs 33.5 lbs 48 lbs 56.5 lbs 71.5 lbs 99.5 lbs
Particle Board 33 lbs 43 lbs 61 lbs 72 lbs 91 lbs 127 lbs
MDF 36 lbs 46.5 lbs 66.7 lbs 78.5 lbs 99.5 lbs 138.5 lbs
MDO 20 lbs 26 lbs 37.5 lbs 44 lbs 56 lbs 77.5 lbs
OSB 25.5 lbs 33 lbs 47 lbs 55.5 lbs 70.5 lbs 98 lbs

Metric Plywood Dimensions

Approximate metric weight of 1220mm x 2440mm sheets of various types and thicknesses of plywood measured in kilograms.
Plywood Type Plywood Thickness
6mm 9.5mm 12.5mm 15.5mm 18.5mm 28.5mm
Softwood Plywood 9.98 kg 12.93 kg 18.37 kg 21.77 kg 27.67 kg 38.33 kg
Hardwood Plywood 11.11 kg 14.29 kg 20.41 kg 24.04 kg 30.62 kg 42.64 kg
Marine Plywood 12.25 kg 15.88 kg 22.68 kg 26.76 kg 34.02 kg 47.17 kg
Baltic Birch 11.79 kg 15.2 kg 21.77 kg 25.63 kg 32.43 kg 45.13 kg
Particle Board 14.97 kg 19.5 kg 27.67 kg 32.66 kg 41.28 kg 57.61 kg
MDF 16.33 kg 21.09 kg 30.25 kg 35.61 kg 45.13 kg 62.82 kg
MDO 9.07 kg 11.79 kg 17.01 kg 19.96 kg 25.4 kg 35.15 kg
OSB 11.57 kg 14.97 kg 21.32 kg 25.17 kg 31.98 kg 44.45 kg

Hardboard Panel Weights

Approximate weight of hardboard panels.
Panel Thickness Weight
1/8″ 21 lbs
3/16″ 28 lbs
1/4″ 32 lbs

Use our plywood calculator to find how many sheets of plywood you need for your project.