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Using the Square Yardage Calculator

This calculator is perfect for finding the square yardage of any area, especially for construction, remodeling, and renovation projects such as carpeting, hardwood flooring, tiling, framing, drywalling, painting, and gardening. This will also help determine the total price of the project.

Calculate the square yardage for imperial measurements, metric measurements, or a mix of imperial and metric measurements. The calculator accepts inches, feet, yards, centimeters, and meters and converts all these measurements to yards.

How to Find Square Yards

Square yardage is just an area, measured in yards. Finding square yards is just like finding an area, by multiplying the length times the width. For finding the square yardage of feet or another unit of measure, first convert the length and width measurements to yards, then multiply.

Calculate the square yards of a square area


square yardage (yds2) = length x width



square yardage (yds2) = length x width

Calculate the square yardage of a border

Rectangular Border

Using measurements in yards:

outside (yds2) = length x width
inside (yds2) = (length – (2 x border)) x (width – (2 x border))

border (yds2) = outside (yds2) – inside (yds2)

Calculate the square yards of a circle area


square yardage (yds2)= pi x (diameter / 2)2

pi = 3.14159265359

Calculate the square yards of a triangle area


square yardage (yds2) = (1/4) x
(a+b+c) x (b+c-a) x (c+a-b) x (a+b-c)

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