Flooring Calculator – Estimate Hardwood, Laminate, Carpet, or Vinyl Flooring

Calculate the amount of flooring material needed in square feet or square yards and estimate the cost of materials.

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Flooring Material Estimate:

Using the Flooring Material Calculator to Estimate Laminate, Hardwood, and Vinyl Materials

The flooring material estimation calculator helps determine the amount of flooring material needed for your flooring project. Simply enter the size of your room and the calculator finds the square footage of the room. By adding the price per square foot you can get an estimated cost of the materials.

Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer or a professional floor installer, the flooring calculator will help estimate how much hardwood, laminate, carpet, or vinyl flooring material you need for your project. If you’re estimating carpet you can also use our carpet calculator. If you need to estimate how much tile you need for a tile floor use our tile calculator.

If you’re hiring a professional flooring installer the prices are generally estimated by the square foot. You can factor this cost into the price per square foot in the calculator above, or you can factor in installation costs by adding to the total price of the materials. Also be sure to account for other material costs such as tool rental, underlayment, trim, and hardware. These costs will vary depending on the type of flooring chosen. For example, installing a laminate floor will require installing an underlayment but if you’re going to install a hardwood floor you will likely need to rent a sander to smooth and finish the floor.

Estimate The Amount of Flooring You Need for Your Room

Estimate the amount of flooring material needed for a project

The first step to finding the amount of flooring required for a project is to find the square footage of the room or space. Square footage is an area measured in feet. Finding square feet is just like finding an area, by multiplying the length times the width. You can find the square footage by taking a length and width measurement of a room, converting to feet, then multiplying.

If the floor-plan is complex or not rectangular then it may be simplest to break the project into smaller pieces and calculate the flooring materials needed for each section individually. For example, if you are measuring a room that is an ‘L’ shape, break it into different sections and measure the square footage of each section first, then add the square footage together. Learn more about how to measure irregular rooms.

Measuring a complex floor-plan

How to Estimate Floor Size and Cost

  • Measure the room’s length and width. If the area is not a simple shape, then break the area into manageable parts and calculate the square footage of each part separately, then then add that together. For example, if you are measuring an entire floor of your home, consider determining the square feet of each room, and then add all of the rooms together for the total figure. There is a great article on finding square footage for flooring.
  • Convert these measurements to feet if they aren’t already. Convert inches to feet, convert yards to feet, or convert meters to feet
  • Find the square footage of your room by multiplying the length times the width
  • It’s a good idea to add 5-10% overage to account for cuts and material waste. To add a 10% overage multiply the square footage by 1.1
  • Some types of flooring are sold by the yard, so you must find the square yardage of material you need to order. To do so, simply divide the square footage by 9 to find the square yardage. It’s even easier to use our square feet to square yards conversion tool.
  • Estimate the cost by multiplying the square footage or square yardage by the price per square foot or price per yard. Laminate flooring costs from $.75 to $4 per ft2, learn more about laminate flooring costs and find more flooring resources.
  • Get an estimate from a local flooring professional for an accurate installation labor cost.

Calculate the square footage of a square area


square footage (ft2) = length x width



square footage (ft2) = length x width

Calculate the square footage of a border

Rectangular Border

Using measurements in feet:

outside (ft2) = length x width
inside (ft2) = (length – (2 x border)) x (width – (2 x border))

border (ft2) = outside (ft2) – inside (ft2)