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Calculate how much carpet is needed for your room by entering the size of the room. Estimate the carpet price by adding the price per square foot.

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How Much Carpet Do You Need

Estimate how much carpet you need for a room

Estimate how much carpet you need by entering your room measurements in the calculator. If you add the price per square foot then you can also find how much your floor will cost. If you need to estimate laminate, vinyl, or hardwood floors then check out our flooring calculator. If you need to estimate tile then check out our tile calculator.

To find how much carpet you need you first need to measure the room length and width in feet. Multiply the length times the width to find the total square footage of the room. Carpet and flooring may be sold by the yard so you may need to convert your square footage to square yardage. You can do this by dividing the square footage by 9. Use our square feet to square yards unit conversion tool to convert square feet to square yards.

Carpet comes in a a variety of width and often you will need to purchase the full width of the roll. For example, if the carpet comes on a 12′ roll then you may need to purchase a full 12′ wide piece of carpet as long as you need it. Because of this, finding the square footage or square yardage may not be sufficient to estimate the size needed correctly.

If your room is 14′ by 14′ you will need:

– 1x 12′ by 14′ piece

– 2x 12′ by 2′ piece

If the carpet is manufactured on a 12′ roll you may need to purchase 12′ by 18′ of flooring(216ft2) to get enough carpet for a 14′ by 14′(1962) room.

Carpet Estimation Tips

Measure the room and account for the width of the carpet roll when estimating flooring material

When installing carpet there will be excess material that needs to be cut of the ends to get a perfect fit. Because of this it is a good idea to order an additional 10% of flooring material to make sure you’ll have enough.

Carpet seams should never be installed perpendicular to doorways. To avoid having an unsightly seam that is easily spotted estimate the lengths to accommodate seams that run parallel to major doorways.

Professional contractors can measure your carpet and optimize the usage of material to minimize waste. It may be worth hiring a flooring professional to measure your space to make sure the correct amount of material is ordered. This can save you money by making sure you don’t have too small of a piece, requiring additional seams or full replacement, and that you don’t have too long of a piece, which is wasteful. Many home centers and flooring stores subsidize the cost of the measuring if you purchase the carpet and some will include the measuring for free with installation.

Carpet can be a challenge to install correctly. It may be worth doing plenty of research to understand the process or hiring a professional installer. Many home centers and flooring stores offer free or extremely affordable installation when you purchase a floor so it may be worthwhile to look for those offers.