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Estimate how many rolls or pallets of sod you need for your lawn by entering the size of your area below. Add the price per roll to estimate the cost of grass for your yard.

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Calculating Sod Needed For Lawn

Find how many rolls of sod you need by measuring the square footage of the lawn and dividing by 10

Sod is a great alternative to seeding a lawn from scratch because it offers an instant lawn, without the need to wait for seed to germinate and grow. Sod can also be installed almost any time of year, as long as the ground isn’t frozen and it uses less water to establish than seeding. If you are considering seeding your lawn you can use our grass seed calculator.

Find how much sod you need using our calculator. Rolls come in 2′ x 5′ lengths and cover 10 feet2. A pallet typically has 450 feet2 or 45 rolls, although this can vary. Add the price per roll to get a price estimate for your lawn. If you need to estimate soil you can use our soil calculator. Get a lawn and landscaping estimate from a local contractor using our contractor finder tool.

How To Estimate Sod

Measure the length and width of the lawn area that needs sod. If the area is not rectangular then break the space into multiple rectangular sections and measure each section separately. Multiply the length and width of each section to find the square footage of the lawn. If you have multiple sections then add the square footages of each section together to find the total square footage. You can also use our square footage calculator to find the area automatically.

Sod is often sold by the roll or by the slab. A roll is 10 feet2. To find how many rolls you need for your lawn you simply divide the square footage of the yard by 10. The result is the amount of turf needed. You can order rolls by the pallet as well. To find how many pallets you need simply divide the number of rolls by 45 to find the number of pallets needed.

Estimating Sod Using Acreage

If you know the acreage that you need to cover with sod then multiply the number of acres by 4,356 to find how many rolls of sod are needed. There are 43,560 feet2 in an acre and the coverage of a roll is 10 feet2, thus the following formula defines the number of rolls per acre: 43,560 ÷ 10 = 4,356. Use our acreage calculator to find the size of your lawn in acres.

Our lawn mowing calculator will help estimate how long it will take to mow the new lawn.