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1 Ws = 0.000948 BTU

How to Convert Watt-seconds to British Thermal Units

To convert a watt-second measurement to a british thermal unit measurement, multiply the energy by the conversion ratio. One watt-second is equal to 0.000948 british thermal units, so use this simple formula to convert:

british thermal units = watt-seconds × 0.000948

The energy in british thermal units is equal to the watt-seconds multiplied by 0.000948.

For example, here's how to convert 5 watt-seconds to british thermal units using the formula above.
5 Ws = (5 × 0.000948) = 0.004739 BTU

Watt-seconds and british thermal units are both units used to measure energy. Keep reading to learn more about each unit of measure.


The watt-second is a measure of electrical energy equal to one watt of power over a one second period. One watt-second is equal to 1/3,600 of a watt-hour or one joule.

Watt-seconds can be abbreviated as Ws, for example 1 watt-second can be written as 1 Ws.

British Thermal Units

British thermal units are a measure of heat energy. Specifically, one british thermal unit is equal to the amount of heat energy required to increase the temperature of one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit. They are often used as a way to rate the energy heat producing appliances such furnaces, and to price heating fuels such as natural gas.

The british thermal unit is a US customary unit of energy. British thermal units can be abbreviated as BTU, for example 1 british thermal unit can be written as 1 BTU.

Watt-second Measurements and Equivalent British Thermal Unit Conversions

Common watt-second values converted to the equivalent british thermal unit value
Watt-seconds British Thermal Units
1 Ws 0.000948 BTU
2 Ws 0.001896 BTU
3 Ws 0.002843 BTU
4 Ws 0.003791 BTU
5 Ws 0.004739 BTU
6 Ws 0.005687 BTU
7 Ws 0.006635 BTU
8 Ws 0.007583 BTU
9 Ws 0.00853 BTU
10 Ws 0.009478 BTU
11 Ws 0.010426 BTU
12 Ws 0.011374 BTU
13 Ws 0.012322 BTU
14 Ws 0.013269 BTU
15 Ws 0.014217 BTU
16 Ws 0.015165 BTU
17 Ws 0.016113 BTU
18 Ws 0.017061 BTU
19 Ws 0.018009 BTU
20 Ws 0.018956 BTU
21 Ws 0.019904 BTU
22 Ws 0.020852 BTU
23 Ws 0.0218 BTU
24 Ws 0.022748 BTU
25 Ws 0.023695 BTU
26 Ws 0.024643 BTU
27 Ws 0.025591 BTU
28 Ws 0.026539 BTU
29 Ws 0.027487 BTU
30 Ws 0.028435 BTU
31 Ws 0.029382 BTU
32 Ws 0.03033 BTU
33 Ws 0.031278 BTU
34 Ws 0.032226 BTU
35 Ws 0.033174 BTU
36 Ws 0.034121 BTU
37 Ws 0.035069 BTU
38 Ws 0.036017 BTU
39 Ws 0.036965 BTU
40 Ws 0.037913 BTU

More Watt-second Energy Conversions

Convert to Joules
1 Ws is equal to 1 joules
Convert to Kilojoules
1 Ws is equal to 0.001 kilojoules
Convert to Megajoules
1 Ws is equal to 1.0E-6 megajoules
Convert to Gigajoules
1 Ws is equal to 1.0E-9 gigajoules
Convert to Calories
1 Ws is equal to 0.239006 calories
Convert to Kilocalories
1 Ws is equal to 0.000239 kilocalories
Convert to Megacalories
1 Ws is equal to 2.3901E-7 megacalories
Watts x Time
Convert to Watt-hours
1 Ws is equal to 0.000278 watt-hours
Convert to Kilowatt-hours
1 Ws is equal to 2.7778E-7 kilowatt-hours
Convert to Megawatt-hours
1 Ws is equal to 2.7778E-10 megawatt-hours
Thermal Units
Convert to Million BTU
1 Ws is equal to 9.4782E-10 million BTU
Convert to Therms
1 Ws is equal to 9.4782E-9 therms
Convert to Quads
1 Ws is equal to 9.4782E-19 quads
Convert to Electronvolts
1 Ws is equal to 6,241,500,000,000,000,000 electronvolts
Convert to Kiloelectronvolts
1 Ws is equal to 6,241,500,000,000,000 kiloelectronvolts
Convert to Megaelectronvolts
1 Ws is equal to 6,241,509,343,260.2 megaelectronvolts