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What Is Temperature?

Temperature is a measure of the warmth or coldness of an object, and is sometimes referred to as the intensity of heat or heat energy in an object. When an object has a warm temperature, we can feel that sensation.

For example, we feel a burning sensation when touching boiling water, or a freezing sensation when touching an ice cube.

Temperature is measured using Fahrenheit, Celsius, or kelvins. The temperature unit conversion tools above can help convert between Fahrenheit, Celsius, or kelvin temperature measurements. Thermometers are instruments that measure temperature in a quantitative way.

Fahrenheit temperature measurements are commonly used in the US, however most countries measure temperature using Celsius. Kelvins are the primary unit of measurement and is an extension of Celsius and range down to absolute zero. 0 kelvins = absolute zero or -273.15 °C. Water freezes at 32 °F or 0 °C and boils at 212 °F or 100 °C.

Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit or Fahrenheit to Celsius.

Units of Temperature Measurement

Units of temperature include Fahrenheit, Celsius, kelvins, Rankine, Delisle, and Newton.

Temperature Unit Conversion Table

Equivalent temperature values
Convert From Fahrenheit Celsius Kelvin Rankine Delisle Newton
1 °F = 1 °F -17.222222 °C 255.927778 K 460.67 °R 175.833333 °De -5.683333 °N
1 °C = 33.8 °F 1 °C 274.15 K 493.47 °R 148.5 °De 0.33 °N
1 K = -457.87 °F -272.15 °C 1 K 1.8 °R 558.225 °De -89.8095 °N
1 °R = -458.67 °F -272.594444 °C 0.555556 K 1 °R 558.891667 °De -89.956167 °N
1 °De = 210.8 °F 99.333333 °C 372.483333 K 670.47 °R 1 °De 32.78 °N
1 °N = 37.454545 °F 3.030303 °C 276.180303 K 497.124545 °R 145.454545 °De 1 °N

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