Convert Kelvins

Thermometers measure temperature and come in many forms and sizes

Kelvins are a measure of temperature, and can be abbreviated as K. For example 1 kelvin can be written as 1 K.

Kelvin Conversion Calculators

Choose an imperial or metric unit to convert kelvins to.

Convert kelvins to fahrenheit
1 K is equal to -457.87 °F
Convert kelvins to celsius
1 K is equal to -272.15 °C
Convert kelvins to rankine
1 K is equal to 1.8 °R
Convert kelvins to delisle
1 K is equal to 558.225 °De
Convert kelvins to newton
1 K is equal to -89.8095 °N

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Kelvins unit of measurement conversion

Kelvins Measurement Conversion Table

Common kelvin temps and equivalent temperatures
kelvins fahrenheit celsius rankine delisle newton
1 K -457.87°F -272.15°C 1.8°R 558.225°De -89.8095°N
2 K -456.07°F -271.15°C 3.6°R 556.725°De -89.4795°N
3 K -454.27°F -270.15°C 5.4°R 555.225°De -89.1495°N
4 K -452.47°F -269.15°C 7.2°R 553.725°De -88.8195°N
5 K -450.67°F -268.15°C 9°R 552.225°De -88.4895°N
6 K -448.87°F -267.15°C 10.8°R 550.725°De -88.1595°N
7 K -447.07°F -266.15°C 12.6°R 549.225°De -87.8295°N
8 K -445.27°F -265.15°C 14.4°R 547.725°De -87.4995°N
9 K -443.47°F -264.15°C 16.2°R 546.225°De -87.1695°N
10 K -441.67°F -263.15°C 18°R 544.725°De -86.8395°N
11 K -439.87°F -262.15°C 19.8°R 543.225°De -86.5095°N
12 K -438.07°F -261.15°C 21.6°R 541.725°De -86.1795°N
13 K -436.27°F -260.15°C 23.4°R 540.225°De -85.8495°N
14 K -434.47°F -259.15°C 25.2°R 538.725°De -85.5195°N
15 K -432.67°F -258.15°C 27°R 537.225°De -85.1895°N
16 K -430.87°F -257.15°C 28.8°R 535.725°De -84.8595°N
17 K -429.07°F -256.15°C 30.6°R 534.225°De -84.5295°N
18 K -427.27°F -255.15°C 32.4°R 532.725°De -84.1995°N
19 K -425.47°F -254.15°C 34.2°R 531.225°De -83.8695°N
20 K -423.67°F -253.15°C 36°R 529.725°De -83.5395°N