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Fuel-economy Units

Fuel economy is the measure of the efficiency of a vehicle. Efficiency is measured as a ratio between the fuel consumption and the distance that can be traveled.

Fuel economy and efficiency can be represented in two forms. The first form is the measure of the distance that can be traveled for a single unit of fuel volume, for instance miles per gallon.

The second form is to express the fuel volume consumed to travel a specific distance, for instance liters per 100 kilometers.

Units of Fuel Economy Measurement

Units of fuel economy include kilometers per liter, liters per 100 kilometers, miles per gallon (US), and miles per gallon (UK).

Fuel Economy Unit Conversion Table

Equivalent metric and imperial fuel economy measurements
Convert From Kilometer Per Liter Liter Per 100 Kilometers Mile Per Gallon (US) Mile Per Gallon (UK)
1 kilometer per liter = 1 km/L 100 L/100km 2.352145 mpg (US) 2.82481 mpg (UK)
1 liter per 100 kilometers = 100 km/L 1 L/100km 235.2145 mpg (US) 282.481 mpg (UK)
1 mile per gallon (US) = 0.425144 km/L 235.2145 L/100km 1 mpg (US) 1.200951 mpg (UK)
1 mile per gallon (UK) = 0.354006 km/L 282.481 L/100km 0.832674 mpg (US) 1 mpg (UK)

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