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What Are Miles per Gallon (UK)?

Miles per gallon (UK) are a measurement of fuel economy.

Miles per gallon (UK) can be abbreviated as mpg (UK), and are also sometimes abbreviated as mpg. For example, 1 mile per gallon (UK) can be written as 1 mpg (UK) or 1 mpg.

How Much Is a Mile per Gallon (UK)?

In the UK, miles per gallon is the distance traveled in miles consuming just one imperial gallon of fuel. One imperial gallon of fuel is equal to 1.20095 US gallons.

How to Convert Miles per Gallon (UK)

To convert miles per gallon (UK) to another unit of fuel economy, you need to multiply the value by a conversion factor. A conversion factor is a numerical value used to change the units of a measurement without changing the value.[1]

You can find the conversion factors for miles per gallon (UK) in the conversion table below.

Then, multiply the fuel economy measurement by the conversion factor to find the equivalent value in the desired unit of measurement.

miles per gallon (UK) × conversion factor = result

You can also use a calculator, such as one of the converters below, for the conversion.

Miles per Gallon (UK) Conversion Table

Common miles per gallon (UK) values and equivalent imperial and metric fuel economy measurements
miles per gallon (UK) kilometers per liter liters per 100 kilometers miles per gallon (US)
1 mpg (UK) 0.354006 km/L 282.481 L/100km 0.832674 mpg (US)
2 mpg (UK) 0.708012 km/L 141.2405 L/100km 1.665347 mpg (US)
3 mpg (UK) 1.062018 km/L 94.160333 L/100km 2.498021 mpg (US)
4 mpg (UK) 1.416024 km/L 70.62025 L/100km 3.330695 mpg (US)
5 mpg (UK) 1.770031 km/L 56.4962 L/100km 4.163369 mpg (US)
6 mpg (UK) 2.124037 km/L 47.080167 L/100km 4.996042 mpg (US)
7 mpg (UK) 2.478043 km/L 40.354429 L/100km 5.828716 mpg (US)
8 mpg (UK) 2.832049 km/L 35.310125 L/100km 6.66139 mpg (US)
9 mpg (UK) 3.186055 km/L 31.386778 L/100km 7.494063 mpg (US)
10 mpg (UK) 3.540061 km/L 28.2481 L/100km 8.326737 mpg (US)
11 mpg (UK) 3.894067 km/L 25.680091 L/100km 9.159411 mpg (US)
12 mpg (UK) 4.248073 km/L 23.540083 L/100km 9.992084 mpg (US)
13 mpg (UK) 4.602079 km/L 21.729308 L/100km 10.824758 mpg (US)
14 mpg (UK) 4.956086 km/L 20.177214 L/100km 11.657432 mpg (US)
15 mpg (UK) 5.310092 km/L 18.832067 L/100km 12.490106 mpg (US)
16 mpg (UK) 5.664098 km/L 17.655063 L/100km 13.322779 mpg (US)
17 mpg (UK) 6.018104 km/L 16.616529 L/100km 14.155453 mpg (US)
18 mpg (UK) 6.37211 km/L 15.693389 L/100km 14.988127 mpg (US)
19 mpg (UK) 6.726116 km/L 14.867421 L/100km 15.8208 mpg (US)
20 mpg (UK) 7.080122 km/L 14.12405 L/100km 16.653474 mpg (US)

Miles per Gallon (UK) Conversion Calculators

You can also convert fuel economy using one of our miles per gallon (UK) converters below.


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