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What Are Kilometers per Liter?

Kilometers per liter are a measurement of fuel economy.

Kilometers per liter can be abbreviated as km/L, and are also sometimes abbreviated as kpl or kmpl. For example, 1 kilometer per liter can be written as 1 km/L, 1 kpl, or 1 kmpl.

In the expressions of units, the slash, or solidus (/), is used to express a change in one or more units relative to a change in one or more other units.

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How Much Is a Kilometer per Liter?

Kilometers per liter is the distance that can be traveled in kilometers using one liter of fuel.

How to Convert Kilometers per Liter

To convert kilometers per liter to another unit of fuel economy, you need to multiply the value by a conversion factor. A conversion factor is a numerical value used to change the units of a measurement without changing the value.[1]

You can find the conversion factors for kilometers per liter in the conversion table below.

Then, multiply the fuel economy measurement by the conversion factor to find the equivalent value in the desired unit of measurement.

kilometers per liter × conversion factor = result

You can also use a calculator, such as one of the converters below, for the conversion.

Kilometers per Liter Conversion Table

Common kilometers per liter values and equivalent imperial and metric fuel economy measurements
kilometers per liter liters per 100 kilometers miles per gallon (US) miles per gallon (UK)
1 km/L 100 L/100km 2.352145 mpg (US) 2.82481 mpg (UK)
2 km/L 50 L/100km 4.70429 mpg (US) 5.64962 mpg (UK)
3 km/L 33.333333 L/100km 7.056435 mpg (US) 8.47443 mpg (UK)
4 km/L 25 L/100km 9.40858 mpg (US) 11.29924 mpg (UK)
5 km/L 20 L/100km 11.760725 mpg (US) 14.12405 mpg (UK)
6 km/L 16.666667 L/100km 14.11287 mpg (US) 16.94886 mpg (UK)
7 km/L 14.285714 L/100km 16.465015 mpg (US) 19.77367 mpg (UK)
8 km/L 12.5 L/100km 18.81716 mpg (US) 22.59848 mpg (UK)
9 km/L 11.111111 L/100km 21.169305 mpg (US) 25.42329 mpg (UK)
10 km/L 10 L/100km 23.52145 mpg (US) 28.2481 mpg (UK)
11 km/L 9.090909 L/100km 25.873595 mpg (US) 31.07291 mpg (UK)
12 km/L 8.333333 L/100km 28.22574 mpg (US) 33.89772 mpg (UK)
13 km/L 7.692308 L/100km 30.577885 mpg (US) 36.72253 mpg (UK)
14 km/L 7.142857 L/100km 32.93003 mpg (US) 39.54734 mpg (UK)
15 km/L 6.666667 L/100km 35.282175 mpg (US) 42.37215 mpg (UK)
16 km/L 6.25 L/100km 37.63432 mpg (US) 45.19696 mpg (UK)
17 km/L 5.882353 L/100km 39.986465 mpg (US) 48.02177 mpg (UK)
18 km/L 5.555556 L/100km 42.33861 mpg (US) 50.84658 mpg (UK)
19 km/L 5.263158 L/100km 44.690755 mpg (US) 53.67139 mpg (UK)
20 km/L 5 L/100km 47.0429 mpg (US) 56.4962 mpg (UK)

Kilometers per Liter Conversion Calculators

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