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What Are Liters per 100 Kilometers?

Liters per 100 kilometers are a measurement of fuel economy.

Liters per 100 kilometers can be abbreviated as L/100km; for example, 1 liter per 100 kilometers can be written as 1 L/100km.

In the expressions of units, the slash, or solidus (/), is used to express a change in one or more units relative to a change in one or more other units.

L/100km is the measure of fuel consumption used in most countries that use the metric system.

You can also use our liters per 100km calculator to find the fuel consumption.

How Much Is a Liter per 100 Kilometers?

Liters per 100 kilometers is the fuel consumption measurement of liters of fuel used to travel 100 kilometers.

How to Convert Liters per 100 Kilometers

To convert liters per 100 kilometers to another unit of fuel economy, you need to multiply the value by a conversion factor. A conversion factor is a numerical value used to change the units of a measurement without changing the value.[1]

You can find the conversion factors for liters per 100 kilometers in the conversion table below.

Then, multiply the fuel economy measurement by the conversion factor to find the equivalent value in the desired unit of measurement.

liters per 100 kilometers × conversion factor = result

You can also use a calculator, such as one of the converters below, for the conversion.

Liters per 100 Kilometers Conversion Table

Common liters per 100 kilometers values and equivalent imperial and metric fuel economy measurements
liters per 100 kilometers kilometers per liter miles per gallon (US) miles per gallon (UK)
1 L/100km 100 km/L 235.2145 mpg (US) 282.481 mpg (UK)
2 L/100km 50 km/L 117.60725 mpg (US) 141.2405 mpg (UK)
3 L/100km 33.333333 km/L 78.404833 mpg (US) 94.160333 mpg (UK)
4 L/100km 25 km/L 58.803625 mpg (US) 70.62025 mpg (UK)
5 L/100km 20 km/L 47.0429 mpg (US) 56.4962 mpg (UK)
6 L/100km 16.666667 km/L 39.202417 mpg (US) 47.080167 mpg (UK)
7 L/100km 14.285714 km/L 33.602071 mpg (US) 40.354429 mpg (UK)
8 L/100km 12.5 km/L 29.401813 mpg (US) 35.310125 mpg (UK)
9 L/100km 11.111111 km/L 26.134944 mpg (US) 31.386778 mpg (UK)
10 L/100km 10 km/L 23.52145 mpg (US) 28.2481 mpg (UK)
11 L/100km 9.090909 km/L 21.383136 mpg (US) 25.680091 mpg (UK)
12 L/100km 8.333333 km/L 19.601208 mpg (US) 23.540083 mpg (UK)
13 L/100km 7.692308 km/L 18.093423 mpg (US) 21.729308 mpg (UK)
14 L/100km 7.142857 km/L 16.801036 mpg (US) 20.177214 mpg (UK)
15 L/100km 6.666667 km/L 15.680967 mpg (US) 18.832067 mpg (UK)
16 L/100km 6.25 km/L 14.700906 mpg (US) 17.655063 mpg (UK)
17 L/100km 5.882353 km/L 13.836147 mpg (US) 16.616529 mpg (UK)
18 L/100km 5.555556 km/L 13.067472 mpg (US) 15.693389 mpg (UK)
19 L/100km 5.263158 km/L 12.379711 mpg (US) 14.867421 mpg (UK)
20 L/100km 5 km/L 11.760725 mpg (US) 14.12405 mpg (UK)

Liters per 100 Kilometers Conversion Calculators

You can also convert fuel economy using one of our liters per 100 kilometers converters below.


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