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How to Calculate Fuel Consumption in Liters per 100km

Fuel consumption is most often measured in liters per 100km throughout the world. To calculate it, start by finding the kilometers per liter, then convert to liters per 100km.

The formula to find km per liter is:
consumptionkm/L = distancekm ÷ fuelL

The fuel consumption in kilometers per liter is equal to the distance travelled divided by the petrol consumed.

Now, find liters per 100km by dividing 100 by the km per liter.
consumptionL/100km = 100 ÷ consumptionkm/L

For example, let’s find the fuel consumption in L/100km of a vehicle that can drive 600 kilometers using 50 liters of petrol.

km/L = 600 ÷ 50
km/L = 12

L/100km = 100 ÷ 12 km/L
L/100km = 8.33

To use the formula above you will need to find the amount of petrol it takes to drive a specific distance. This can be done using a few simple steps.

First, fill up your tank completely. Before leaving the filling station, record your current odometer reading.

Drive the vehicle as you normally would. The next time you go to the filling station, fill the tank completely again. Record the liters of petrol added to the tank.

Before leaving, note your current odometer reading again. Now, subtract the new odometer reading from the old reading to find the distance travelled in kilometers.

Now, use the liters of petrol added and the distance driven in kilometers in the formula above to calculate the kilometers per liter.

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