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How to Estimate the Cost to Charge an Electric Car

Electric vehicles are appealing for their fuel cost savings, but estimating just how much an electric vehicle costs to charge can be a bit tricky. Fortunately, there are some easy formulas that can be used to calculate the cost to charge an electric car.

You can calculate how much it costs to charge a vehicle battery from empty to full capacity by multiplying the capacity of the battery in kilowatt-hours by the electricity cost per kilowatt-hour. Here’s the formula:

charging cost = capacity × cost per kWh

The cost of energy varies, but on average the price is $0.12 per kWh. You can find the cost of energy on your electric bill You can also try our electricity cost calculator.

For example, let’s find the cost to charge a 2019 Tesla Model S, which has a 100 kWh battery to capacity.

charging cost = 100kWh × $0.12
charging cost = $12.00 per full charge

Thus, it will cost around $12 to charge a Tesla Model S to full capacity.

Average Battery Charging Costs

The chart below shows the average cost to charge an electric vehicle to capacity for various battery sizes.

Average electric vehicle charging costs based on a $0.12 per kWh energy cost
Battery Capacity (kWh) Average Charge Cost
5 kWh $0.60
10 kWh $1.20
15 kWh $1.80
20 kWh $2.40
25 kWh $3.00
30 kWh $3.60
35 kWh $4.20
40 kWh $4.80
45 kWh $5.40
50 kWh $6.00
55 kWh $6.60
60 kWh $7.20
65 kWh $7.80
70 kWh $8.40
75 kWh $9.00
80 kWh $9.60
85 kWh $10.20
90 kWh $10.80
95 kWh $11.40
100 kWh $12.00
110 kWh $13.20
120 kWh $14.40
130 kWh $15.60
140 kWh $16.80
150 kWh $18.00

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