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How to Estimate Charging Time

The time it takes to charge the battery of an electric vehicle varies on a few key factors. The charging power, battery size, and current charge level will all determine the charging time needed.

The capacity of an electric car battery is measured in the kilowatt-hours of energy it can hold. The charging power will determine the speed of the charge, and is measured in kilowatts.

To calculate the time it will take to charge an electric car, use the following formula.

charge time = battery capacity / charge power × .9

In other words, the time it takes to charge in hours is equal to the size of the battery in kilowatt-hours divided by the charging power times .9, which is the average power efficiency.

For example, let’s estimate the time to charge a 2019 Tesla Model 3, which has a 50 kWh battery to capacity using a 3.7 kW home charger.

charge time = 50 kWh / 3.7 kW × .9
charge time = 50 kWh / 3.33
charge time = 15.015 hours

Thus, it will take about 15 hours to charge a Tesla Model 3 to full capacity using a 3.7 kW charger.

Most often a battery has a partial charge, and charging from 0 to 100% is not necessary. It’s also possible to charge to a partial capacity, which can lower the time needed to charge.

Most home chargers are 7.7kWh or smaller, while public chargers are usually fast or rapid chargers in the 11kW to 50kW range. It’s also becoming more common to see chargers delivering 100kW of charging power or more.

To learn more about the cost of charging an electric vehicle at home, check out our charging cost calculator.

Average Battery Charging Times

See the average time it takes to charge an electric vehicle battery to full capacity using various chargers in the chart below.

Average electric vehicle charging times for various chargers.
Battery Capacity (kWh) Charger
2.4 kW 3.7 kW 7.7 kW 11 kW 22 kW 50 kW 100 kW 120 kW
5 kWh 2h 19m 1h 31m 0h 44m 0h 31m 0h 16m 0h 7m 0h 4m 0h 3m
10 kWh 4h 38m 3h 1m 1h 27m 1h 1m 0h 31m 0h 14m 0h 7m 0h 6m
15 kWh 6h 57m 4h 31m 2h 10m 1h 31m 0h 46m 0h 20m 0h 10m 0h 9m
20 kWh 9h 16m 6h 1m 2h 54m 2h 2m 1h 1m 0h 27m 0h 14m 0h 12m
25 kWh 11h 35m 7h 31m 3h 37m 2h 32m 1h 16m 0h 34m 0h 17m 0h 14m
30 kWh 13h 54m 9h 1m 4h 20m 3h 2m 1h 31m 0h 40m 0h 20m 0h 17m
35 kWh 16h 13m 10h 31m 5h 4m 3h 33m 1h 47m 0h 47m 0h 24m 0h 20m
40 kWh 18h 32m 12h 1m 5h 47m 4h 3m 2h 2m 0h 54m 0h 27m 0h 23m
45 kWh 20h 50m 13h 31m 6h 30m 4h 33m 2h 17m 1h 0h 30m 0h 25m
50 kWh 23h 9m 15h 1m 7h 13m 5h 4m 2h 32m 1h 7m 0h 34m 0h 28m
55 kWh 25h 28m 16h 31m 7h 57m 5h 34m 2h 47m 1h 14m 0h 37m 0h 31m
60 kWh 27h 47m 18h 2m 8h 40m 6h 4m 3h 2m 1h 20m 0h 40m 0h 34m
65 kWh 30h 6m 19h 32m 9h 23m 6h 34m 3h 17m 1h 27m 0h 44m 0h 37m
70 kWh 32h 25m 21h 2m 10h 7m 7h 5m 3h 33m 1h 34m 0h 47m 0h 39m
75 kWh 34h 44m 22h 32m 10h 50m 7h 35m 3h 48m 1h 40m 0h 50m 0h 42m
80 kWh 37h 3m 24h 2m 11h 33m 8h 5m 4h 3m 1h 47m 0h 54m 0h 45m
85 kWh 39h 22m 25h 32m 12h 16m 8h 36m 4h 18m 1h 54m 0h 57m 0h 48m
90 kWh 41h 40m 27h 2m 13h 9h 6m 4h 33m 2h 1h 0h 50m
95 kWh 43h 59m 28h 32m 13h 43m 9h 36m 4h 48m 2h 7m 1h 4m 0h 53m
100 kWh 46h 18m 30h 2m 14h 26m 10h 7m 5h 4m 2h 14m 1h 7m 0h 56m
110 kWh 50h 56m 33h 2m 15h 53m 11h 7m 5h 34m 2h 27m 1h 14m 1h 2m
120 kWh 55h 34m 36h 3m 17h 19m 12h 8m 6h 4m 2h 40m 1h 20m 1h 7m
130 kWh 60h 12m 39h 3m 18h 46m 13h 8m 6h 34m 2h 54m 1h 27m 1h 13m
140 kWh 64h 49m 42h 3m 20h 13m 14h 9m 7h 5m 3h 7m 1h 34m 1h 18m
150 kWh 69h 27m 45h 3m 21h 39m 15h 10m 7h 35m 3h 20m 1h 40m 1h 24m