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1 mpg (UK) = 0.354006 km/L

Do you want to convert kilometers per liter to miles per gallon (UK)?

How to Convert Miles per Gallon (UK) to Kilometers per Liter

To convert a measurement in miles per gallon (UK) to a measurement in kilometers per liter, multiply the fuel economy by the following conversion ratio: 0.354006 kilometers per liter/mile per gallon (UK).

Since one mile per gallon (UK) is equal to 0.354006 kilometers per liter, you can use this simple formula to convert:

kilometers per liter = miles per gallon (UK) × 0.354006

The fuel economy in kilometers per liter is equal to the fuel economy in miles per gallon (UK) multiplied by 0.354006.

For example, here's how to convert 5 miles per gallon (UK) to kilometers per liter using the formula above.
kilometers per liter = (5 mpg (UK) × 0.354006) = 1.770031 km/L
conversion scale showing miles per gallon (UK) and equivalent kilometers per liter fuel economy values

Miles per gallon (UK) and kilometers per liter are both units used to measure fuel economy. Keep reading to learn more about each unit of measure.

What Are Miles per Gallon (UK)?

In the UK, miles per gallon is the distance traveled in miles consuming just one imperial gallon of fuel. One imperial gallon of fuel is equal to 1.20095 US gallons.

Miles per gallon (UK) can be abbreviated as mpg (UK), and are also sometimes abbreviated as mpg. For example, 1 mile per gallon (UK) can be written as 1 mpg (UK) or 1 mpg.

Learn more about miles per gallon (UK).

What Are Kilometers per Liter?

Kilometers per liter is the distance that can be traveled in kilometers using one liter of fuel.

Kilometers per liter can be abbreviated as km/L, and are also sometimes abbreviated as kpl or kmpl. For example, 1 kilometer per liter can be written as 1 km/L, 1 kpl, or 1 kmpl.

In the expressions of units, the slash, or solidus (/), is used to express a change in one or more units relative to a change in one or more other units.

Learn more about kilometers per liter.

Mile per Gallon (UK) to Kilometer per Liter Conversion Table

Table showing various mile per gallon (UK) measurements converted to kilometers per liter.
Miles Per Gallon (UK) Kilometers Per Liter
1 mpg (UK) 0.354006 km/L
2 mpg (UK) 0.708012 km/L
3 mpg (UK) 1.062 km/L
4 mpg (UK) 1.416 km/L
5 mpg (UK) 1.77 km/L
6 mpg (UK) 2.124 km/L
7 mpg (UK) 2.478 km/L
8 mpg (UK) 2.832 km/L
9 mpg (UK) 3.1861 km/L
10 mpg (UK) 3.5401 km/L
11 mpg (UK) 3.8941 km/L
12 mpg (UK) 4.2481 km/L
13 mpg (UK) 4.6021 km/L
14 mpg (UK) 4.9561 km/L
15 mpg (UK) 5.3101 km/L
16 mpg (UK) 5.6641 km/L
17 mpg (UK) 6.0181 km/L
18 mpg (UK) 6.3721 km/L
19 mpg (UK) 6.7261 km/L
20 mpg (UK) 7.0801 km/L
21 mpg (UK) 7.4341 km/L
22 mpg (UK) 7.7881 km/L
23 mpg (UK) 8.1421 km/L
24 mpg (UK) 8.4961 km/L
25 mpg (UK) 8.8502 km/L
26 mpg (UK) 9.2042 km/L
27 mpg (UK) 9.5582 km/L
28 mpg (UK) 9.9122 km/L
29 mpg (UK) 10.27 km/L
30 mpg (UK) 10.62 km/L
31 mpg (UK) 10.97 km/L
32 mpg (UK) 11.33 km/L
33 mpg (UK) 11.68 km/L
34 mpg (UK) 12.04 km/L
35 mpg (UK) 12.39 km/L
36 mpg (UK) 12.74 km/L
37 mpg (UK) 13.1 km/L
38 mpg (UK) 13.45 km/L
39 mpg (UK) 13.81 km/L
40 mpg (UK) 14.16 km/L

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