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1 BTU = 6.5851E+21 eV

How to Convert British Thermal Units to Electronvolts

To convert a british thermal unit measurement to an electronvolt measurement, multiply the energy by the conversion ratio. One british thermal unit is equal to 6.5851E+21 electronvolts, so use this simple formula to convert:

electronvolts = british thermal units × 6.5851E+21

The energy in electronvolts is equal to the british thermal units multiplied by 6.5851E+21.

For example, here's how to convert 5 british thermal units to electronvolts using the formula above.
5 BTU = (5 × 6.5851E+21) = 3.2926E+22 eV

British thermal units and electronvolts are both units used to measure energy. Keep reading to learn more about each unit of measure.

British Thermal Units

British thermal units are a measure of heat energy. Specifically, one british thermal unit is equal to the amount of heat energy required to increase the temperature of one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit. They are often used as a way to rate the energy heat producing appliances such furnaces, and to price heating fuels such as natural gas.

The british thermal unit is a US customary unit of energy. British thermal units can be abbreviated as BTU, for example 1 british thermal unit can be written as 1 BTU.


The electronvolt is a unit of energy used in physics, most commonly in electrostatic particle accelerator sciences.

Electronvolts can be abbreviated as eV, for example 1 electronvolt can be written as 1 eV.

Energy in electronvolts can be expressed using the following formula: E = qV

The energy E in electronvolts is equal to the electric charge q in elementary charge times the potential difference V in volts.

British Thermal Unit Measurements and Equivalent Electronvolt Conversions

Common british thermal unit values converted to the equivalent electronvolt value
British Thermal Units Electronvolts
1 BTU 6,585,100,000,000,000,131,072 eV
2 BTU 13,169,999,999,999,999,475,712 eV
3 BTU 19,754,999,999,999,999,213,568 eV
4 BTU 26,341,000,000,000,000,786,432 eV
5 BTU 32,926,000,000,000,000,524,288 eV
6 BTU 39,511,000,000,000,000,262,144 eV
7 BTU 46,095,999,999,999,995,805,696 eV
8 BTU 52,680,999,999,999,999,737,856 eV
9 BTU 59,266,000,000,000,003,670,016 eV
10 BTU 65,850,999,999,999,999,213,568 eV
11 BTU 72,436,999,999,999,996,592,128 eV
12 BTU 79,022,000,000,000,000,524,288 eV
13 BTU 85,606,999,999,999,996,067,840 eV
14 BTU 92,191,999,999,999,991,611,392 eV
15 BTU 98,777,000,000,000,003,932,160 eV
16 BTU 105,359,999,999,999,995,805,696 eV
17 BTU 111,949,999,999,999,992,135,680 eV
18 BTU 118,530,000,000,000,003,670,016 eV
19 BTU 125,120,000,000,000,000,000,000 eV
20 BTU 131,699,999,999,999,994,757,120 eV
21 BTU 138,290,000,000,000,007,864,320 eV
22 BTU 144,870,000,000,000,002,621,440 eV
23 BTU 151,459,999,999,999,998,951,424 eV
24 BTU 158,039,999,999,999,993,708,544 eV
25 BTU 164,629,999,999,999,990,038,528 eV
26 BTU 171,209,999,999,999,984,795,648 eV
27 BTU 177,800,000,000,000,014,680,064 eV
28 BTU 184,380,000,000,000,009,437,184 eV
29 BTU 190,970,000,000,000,005,767,168 eV
30 BTU 197,550,000,000,000,000,524,288 eV
31 BTU 204,139,999,999,999,996,854,272 eV
32 BTU 210,719,999,999,999,991,611,392 eV
33 BTU 217,309,999,999,999,987,941,376 eV
34 BTU 223,890,000,000,000,016,252,928 eV
35 BTU 230,480,000,000,000,012,582,912 eV
36 BTU 237,070,000,000,000,008,912,896 eV
37 BTU 243,650,000,000,000,003,670,016 eV
38 BTU 250,240,000,000,000,000,000,000 eV
39 BTU 256,819,999,999,999,994,757,120 eV
40 BTU 263,409,999,999,999,991,087,104 eV

More British Thermal Unit Energy Conversions

Convert to Joules
1 BTU is equal to 1,055.06 joules
Convert to Kilojoules
1 BTU is equal to 1.055056 kilojoules
Convert to Megajoules
1 BTU is equal to 0.001055 megajoules
Convert to Gigajoules
1 BTU is equal to 1.0551E-6 gigajoules
Convert to Calories
1 BTU is equal to 252.164401 calories
Convert to Kilocalories
1 BTU is equal to 0.252164 kilocalories
Convert to Megacalories
1 BTU is equal to 0.000252 megacalories
Watts x Time
Convert to Watt-hours
1 BTU is equal to 0.293071 watt-hours
Convert to Kilowatt-hours
1 BTU is equal to 0.000293 kilowatt-hours
Convert to Megawatt-hours
1 BTU is equal to 2.9307E-7 megawatt-hours
Convert to Watt-seconds
1 BTU is equal to 1,055.06 watt-seconds
Thermal Units
Convert to Million BTU
1 BTU is equal to 1.0E-6 million BTU
Convert to Therms
1 BTU is equal to 1.0E-5 therms
Convert to Quads
1 BTU is equal to 1.0E-15 quads
Convert to Kiloelectronvolts
1 BTU is equal to 6,585,100,000,000,000,000 kiloelectronvolts
Convert to Megaelectronvolts
1 BTU is equal to 6,585,100,000,000,000 megaelectronvolts