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1 sound = 34,300 cm/s

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How to Convert Speed of Sound to Centimeters per Second

To convert a measurement in speed of sound to a measurement in centimeters per second, multiply the speed by the following conversion ratio: 34,300 centimeters per second/speed of sound.

Since one speed of sound is equal to 34,300 centimeters per second, you can use this simple formula to convert:

centimeters per second = speed of sound × 34,300

The speed in centimeters per second is equal to the speed in speed of sound multiplied by 34,300.

For example, here's how to convert 5 speed of sound to centimeters per second using the formula above.
centimeters per second = (5 sound × 34,300) = 171,500 cm/s

Speed of sound and centimeters per second are both units used to measure speed. Keep reading to learn more about each unit of measure.

What Is the Speed of Sound?

The speed of sound is the distance a sound wave travels through an elastic medium. The speed of sound through air at 20 °C is equal to 343 meters per second,[1] or roughly 767 miles per hour.

Speed of sound can be abbreviated as sound; for example, 1 speed of sound can be written as 1 sound.

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What Are Centimeters per Second?

Centimeters per second are a measurement of speed expressing the distance traveled in centimeters in one second.

The centimeter per second, or centimetre per second, is an SI unit of speed in the metric system. Centimeters per second can be abbreviated as cm/s, and are also sometimes abbreviated as cm/sec. For example, 1 centimeter per second can be written as 1 cm/s or 1 cm/sec.

In the expressions of units, the slash, or solidus (/), is used to express a change in one or more units relative to a change in one or more other units.[2] For example, cm/s is expressing a change in length or distance relative to a change in time.

Centimeters per second can be expressed using the formula:
vm/s = dcm / tsec

The velocity in centimeters per second is equal to the distance in centimeters divided by time in seconds.

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Speed of Sound to Centimeter per Second Conversion Table

Table showing various speed of sound measurements converted to centimeters per second.
Speed Of Sound Centimeters Per Second
0.0001 sound 3.43 cm/s
0.0002 sound 6.86 cm/s
0.0003 sound 10.29 cm/s
0.0004 sound 13.72 cm/s
0.0005 sound 17.15 cm/s
0.0006 sound 20.58 cm/s
0.0007 sound 24.01 cm/s
0.0008 sound 27.44 cm/s
0.0009 sound 30.87 cm/s
0.001 sound 34.3 cm/s
0.002 sound 68.6 cm/s
0.003 sound 102.9 cm/s
0.004 sound 137.2 cm/s
0.005 sound 171.5 cm/s
0.006 sound 205.8 cm/s
0.007 sound 240.1 cm/s
0.008 sound 274.4 cm/s
0.009 sound 308.7 cm/s
0.01 sound 343 cm/s
0.02 sound 686 cm/s
0.03 sound 1,029 cm/s
0.04 sound 1,372 cm/s
0.05 sound 1,715 cm/s
0.06 sound 2,058 cm/s
0.07 sound 2,401 cm/s
0.08 sound 2,744 cm/s
0.09 sound 3,087 cm/s
0.1 sound 3,430 cm/s
0.2 sound 6,860 cm/s
0.3 sound 10,290 cm/s
0.4 sound 13,720 cm/s
0.5 sound 17,150 cm/s
0.6 sound 20,580 cm/s
0.7 sound 24,010 cm/s
0.8 sound 27,440 cm/s
0.9 sound 30,870 cm/s
1 sound 34,300 cm/s


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