Atmospheres to Kilograms Per Square Meter Conversion

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1 atm = 10,332.274528 kgf/m²

How to Convert Atmospheres to Kilograms Per Square Meter

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To convert an atmosphere measurement to a kilogram per square meter measurement, multiply the pressure by the conversion ratio.

Since one atmosphere is equal to 10,332.274528 kilograms per square meter, you can use this simple formula to convert:

kilograms per square meter = atmospheres × 10,332.274528

The pressure in kilograms per square meter is equal to the atmospheres multiplied by 10,332.274528.

For example, here's how to convert 5 atmospheres to kilograms per square meter using the formula above.
5 atm = (5 × 10,332.274528) = 51,661.37264 kgf/m²

Atmospheres and kilograms per square meter are both units used to measure pressure. Keep reading to learn more about each unit of measure.


The atmosphere is a reference measure of pressure equal to 101,325 pascals or 1,013,250 dynes. The atmosphere was originally defined as the pressure of 760 millimeters of mercury at standard gravity at 0 °C, but was later redefined in 1954 to be equal to 1,013,250 dynes.

Atmospheres can be abbreviated as atm; for example, 1 atmosphere can be written as 1 atm.

Kilograms Per Square Meter

One kilogram per square meter is the pressure of equal to one kilogram-force per square meter.

The kilogram per square meter is a non-SI metric unit for pressure. A kilogram per square meter is sometimes also referred to as a kilogram per square metre or kilogram-force per meter square. Kilograms per square meter can be abbreviated as kgf/m²; for example, 1 kilogram per square meter can be written as 1 kgf/m².

In formal expressions, the slash, or solidus (/), is used to separate units used to indicate division in an expression.[1]

The unit is deprecated and not permitted for use with SI units.

Kilograms per square meter can be expressed using the formula:
1 kgf/m2 = 1 kgfm2

Pressure in kilograms per square meter are equal to the kilogram-force divided by the area in square meters.

Atmosphere to Kilogram Per Square Meter Conversion Table

Atmosphere measurements converted to kilograms per square meter
Atmospheres Kilograms Per Square Meter
0.0001 atm 1.0332 kgf/m²
0.0002 atm 2.0665 kgf/m²
0.0003 atm 3.0997 kgf/m²
0.0004 atm 4.1329 kgf/m²
0.0005 atm 5.1661 kgf/m²
0.0006 atm 6.1994 kgf/m²
0.0007 atm 7.2326 kgf/m²
0.0008 atm 8.2658 kgf/m²
0.0009 atm 9.299 kgf/m²
0.001 atm 10.33 kgf/m²
0.002 atm 20.66 kgf/m²
0.003 atm 31 kgf/m²
0.004 atm 41.33 kgf/m²
0.005 atm 51.66 kgf/m²
0.006 atm 61.99 kgf/m²
0.007 atm 72.33 kgf/m²
0.008 atm 82.66 kgf/m²
0.009 atm 92.99 kgf/m²
0.01 atm 103.32 kgf/m²
0.02 atm 206.65 kgf/m²
0.03 atm 309.97 kgf/m²
0.04 atm 413.29 kgf/m²
0.05 atm 516.61 kgf/m²
0.06 atm 619.94 kgf/m²
0.07 atm 723.26 kgf/m²
0.08 atm 826.58 kgf/m²
0.09 atm 929.9 kgf/m²
0.1 atm 1,033 kgf/m²
0.2 atm 2,066 kgf/m²
0.3 atm 3,100 kgf/m²
0.4 atm 4,133 kgf/m²
0.5 atm 5,166 kgf/m²
0.6 atm 6,199 kgf/m²
0.7 atm 7,233 kgf/m²
0.8 atm 8,266 kgf/m²
0.9 atm 9,299 kgf/m²
1 atm 10,332 kgf/m²


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