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1 hPa = 10.197162 kgf/m²

Do you want to convert kilograms per square meter to hectopascals?

How to Convert Hectopascals to Kilograms per Square Meter

To convert a measurement in hectopascals to a measurement in kilograms per square meter, multiply the pressure by the following conversion ratio: 10.197162 kilograms per square meter/hectopascal.

Since one hectopascal is equal to 10.197162 kilograms per square meter, you can use this simple formula to convert:

kilograms per square meter = hectopascals × 10.197162

The pressure in kilograms per square meter is equal to the pressure in hectopascals multiplied by 10.197162.

For example, here's how to convert 5 hectopascals to kilograms per square meter using the formula above.
kilograms per square meter = (5 hPa × 10.197162) = 50.985811 kgf/m²

Hectopascals and kilograms per square meter are both units used to measure pressure. Keep reading to learn more about each unit of measure.

What Is a Hectopascal?

The hectopascal is equal to 100 pascals, which are defined as the pressure of one newton per square meter. The hectopascal is the internationally adopted unit used to measure atmospheric pressure.

The hectopascal is a multiple of the pascal, which is the SI derived unit for pressure. In the metric system, "hecto" is the prefix for 102. Hectopascals can be abbreviated as hPa; for example, 1 hectopascal can be written as 1 hPa.

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What Are Kilograms per Square Meter?

One kilogram per square meter is the pressure of equal to one kilogram-force per square meter.

The kilogram per square meter is a non-SI metric unit for pressure. A kilogram per square meter is sometimes also referred to as a kilogram per square metre or kilogram-force per meter square. Kilograms per square meter can be abbreviated as kgf/m²; for example, 1 kilogram per square meter can be written as 1 kgf/m².

In the expressions of units, the slash, or solidus (/), is used to express a change in one or more units relative to a change in one or more other units.[1] For example, kgf/m² is expressing a change in weight relative to a change in area.

The unit is deprecated and not permitted for use with SI units.

Kilograms per square meter can be expressed using the formula:
1 kgf/m2 = 1 kgf / m2

Pressure in kilograms per square meter are equal to the kilogram-force divided by the area in square meters.

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Hectopascal to Kilogram per Square Meter Conversion Table

Table showing various hectopascal measurements converted to kilograms per square meter.
Hectopascals Kilograms Per Square Meter
1 hPa 10.2 kgf/m²
2 hPa 20.39 kgf/m²
3 hPa 30.59 kgf/m²
4 hPa 40.79 kgf/m²
5 hPa 50.99 kgf/m²
6 hPa 61.18 kgf/m²
7 hPa 71.38 kgf/m²
8 hPa 81.58 kgf/m²
9 hPa 91.77 kgf/m²
10 hPa 101.97 kgf/m²
11 hPa 112.17 kgf/m²
12 hPa 122.37 kgf/m²
13 hPa 132.56 kgf/m²
14 hPa 142.76 kgf/m²
15 hPa 152.96 kgf/m²
16 hPa 163.15 kgf/m²
17 hPa 173.35 kgf/m²
18 hPa 183.55 kgf/m²
19 hPa 193.75 kgf/m²
20 hPa 203.94 kgf/m²
21 hPa 214.14 kgf/m²
22 hPa 224.34 kgf/m²
23 hPa 234.53 kgf/m²
24 hPa 244.73 kgf/m²
25 hPa 254.93 kgf/m²
26 hPa 265.13 kgf/m²
27 hPa 275.32 kgf/m²
28 hPa 285.52 kgf/m²
29 hPa 295.72 kgf/m²
30 hPa 305.91 kgf/m²
31 hPa 316.11 kgf/m²
32 hPa 326.31 kgf/m²
33 hPa 336.51 kgf/m²
34 hPa 346.7 kgf/m²
35 hPa 356.9 kgf/m²
36 hPa 367.1 kgf/m²
37 hPa 377.29 kgf/m²
38 hPa 387.49 kgf/m²
39 hPa 397.69 kgf/m²
40 hPa 407.89 kgf/m²


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