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1 atm = 14.695964 psi

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How to Convert Atmospheres to Pounds per Square Inch

To convert a measurement in atmospheres to a measurement in pounds per square inch, multiply the pressure by the following conversion ratio: 14.695964 pounds per square inch/atmosphere.

Since one atmosphere is equal to 14.695964 pounds per square inch, you can use this simple formula to convert:

pounds per square inch = atmospheres × 14.695964

The pressure in pounds per square inch is equal to the pressure in atmospheres multiplied by 14.695964.

For example, here's how to convert 5 atmospheres to pounds per square inch using the formula above.
pounds per square inch = (5 atm × 14.695964) = 73.479822 psi

Atmospheres and pounds per square inch are both units used to measure pressure. Keep reading to learn more about each unit of measure.

What Is an Atmosphere?

The atmosphere is a reference measure of pressure equal to 101,325 pascals or 1,013,250 dynes. The atmosphere was originally defined as the pressure of 760 millimeters of mercury at standard gravity at 0 °C, but was later redefined in 1954 to be equal to 1,013,250 dynes.

Atmospheres can be abbreviated as atm; for example, 1 atmosphere can be written as 1 atm.

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What Are Pounds per Square Inch?

One pound per square inch is the pressure of equal to one pound-force per square inch.

The pound per square inch is a US customary and imperial unit of pressure. A pound per square inch is sometimes also referred to as a pound-force per square inch. Pounds per square inch can be abbreviated as psi; for example, 1 pound per square inch can be written as 1 psi.

PSI can be expressed using the formula:
1 psi = 1 lbf / in2

Pressure in pounds per square inch are equal to the pound-force divided by the area in square inches.

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Atmosphere to Pound per Square Inch Conversion Table

Table showing various atmosphere measurements converted to pounds per square inch.
Atmospheres Pounds Per Square Inch
1 atm 14.7 psi
2 atm 29.39 psi
3 atm 44.09 psi
4 atm 58.78 psi
5 atm 73.48 psi
6 atm 88.18 psi
7 atm 102.87 psi
8 atm 117.57 psi
9 atm 132.26 psi
10 atm 146.96 psi
11 atm 161.66 psi
12 atm 176.35 psi
13 atm 191.05 psi
14 atm 205.74 psi
15 atm 220.44 psi
16 atm 235.14 psi
17 atm 249.83 psi
18 atm 264.53 psi
19 atm 279.22 psi
20 atm 293.92 psi
21 atm 308.62 psi
22 atm 323.31 psi
23 atm 338.01 psi
24 atm 352.7 psi
25 atm 367.4 psi
26 atm 382.1 psi
27 atm 396.79 psi
28 atm 411.49 psi
29 atm 426.18 psi
30 atm 440.88 psi
31 atm 455.57 psi
32 atm 470.27 psi
33 atm 484.97 psi
34 atm 499.66 psi
35 atm 514.36 psi
36 atm 529.05 psi
37 atm 543.75 psi
38 atm 558.45 psi
39 atm 573.14 psi
40 atm 587.84 psi

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