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1 sq km = 1,195,990.046301 sq yd

How to Convert Square Kilometers to Square Yards

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Convert square kilometers to square yards with this simple formula:

square yards = square kilometers × 1,195,990.046301

Converting a square kilometer area measurement to a square yard measurement involves multiplying the area by the conversion ratio to find the result. One square kilometer is equal to 1,195,990.046301 square yards, so to convert simply multiply by 1,195,990.046301.

For example:
5 sq km = (5 × 1,195,990.046301) = 5,979,950.231505 sq yd

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Square kilometers and square yards are both units used to measure area. Learn more about area and find more area measurement conversion calculators. Square kilometers are a metric measurement and can be abbreviated as sq km, for example 1 sq km. Square yards are an imperial measurement and can be abbreviated as sq yd, for example 1 sq yd. Learn more about the metric system, including the common unit prefixes and how to convert between metric units.

square kilometers and square yards are units used to measure area
Convert Square Yards to Square Kilometers

Square Kilometer Measurements and Equivalent Square Yard Conversions

Common square kilometer values converted to the equivalent square yard value
Square Kilometers Square Yards
1 sq km 1,195,990 sq yd
2 sq km 2,391,980 sq yd
3 sq km 3,587,970 sq yd
4 sq km 4,783,960 sq yd
5 sq km 5,979,950 sq yd
6 sq km 7,175,940 sq yd
7 sq km 8,371,930 sq yd
8 sq km 9,567,920 sq yd
9 sq km 10,763,910 sq yd
10 sq km 11,959,900 sq yd
11 sq km 13,155,891 sq yd
12 sq km 14,351,881 sq yd
13 sq km 15,547,871 sq yd
14 sq km 16,743,861 sq yd
15 sq km 17,939,851 sq yd
16 sq km 19,135,841 sq yd
17 sq km 20,331,831 sq yd
18 sq km 21,527,821 sq yd
19 sq km 22,723,811 sq yd
20 sq km 23,919,801 sq yd
21 sq km 25,115,791 sq yd
22 sq km 26,311,781 sq yd
23 sq km 27,507,771 sq yd
24 sq km 28,703,761 sq yd
25 sq km 29,899,751 sq yd
26 sq km 31,095,741 sq yd
27 sq km 32,291,731 sq yd
28 sq km 33,487,721 sq yd
29 sq km 34,683,711 sq yd
30 sq km 35,879,701 sq yd
31 sq km 37,075,691 sq yd
32 sq km 38,271,681 sq yd
33 sq km 39,467,672 sq yd
34 sq km 40,663,662 sq yd
35 sq km 41,859,652 sq yd
36 sq km 43,055,642 sq yd
37 sq km 44,251,632 sq yd
38 sq km 45,447,622 sq yd
39 sq km 46,643,612 sq yd
40 sq km 47,839,602 sq yd

More Square Kilometer Area Conversions

US Customary
Convert to Square Miles
1 sq km is equal to 0.386102 square miles
Convert to Acres
1 sq km is equal to 247.105381 acres
Convert to Square Feet
1 sq km is equal to 10,763,910.4 square feet
Convert to Square Inches
1 sq km is equal to 1,550,003,100 square inches
SI Units
Convert to Square Meters
1 sq km is equal to 1,000,000 square meters
Convert to Square Centimeters
1 sq km is equal to 10,000,000,000 square centimeters
Convert to Square Millimeters
1 sq km is equal to 1,000,000,000,000 square millimeters
Are Units
Convert to Hectares
1 sq km is equal to 100 hectares
Convert to Ares
1 sq km is equal to 10,000 ares