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1 sq in = 0.000645 sq m

How to Convert Square Inches to Square Meters

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Convert square inches to square meters with this simple formula:

square meters = square inches × 0.000645

Converting a square inch area measurement to a square meter measurement involves multiplying the area by the conversion ratio to find the result. One square inch is equal to 0.000645 square meters, so to convert simply multiply by 0.000645.

For example:
5 sq in = (5 × 0.000645) = 0.003226 sq m

Learn more about finding the area of your space using our area calculator.

Square inches and square meters are both units used to measure area. Learn more about area and find more area measurement conversion calculators. Square inches are an imperial measurement and can be abbreviated as sq in, for example 1 sq in. Square meters are a metric measurement and can be abbreviated as sq m, for example 1 sq m. Learn more about the metric system, including the common unit prefixes and how to convert between metric units.

square inches and square meters are units used to measure area
Convert Square Meters to Square Inches

Square Inch Measurements and Equivalent Square Meter Conversions

Common square inch values converted to the equivalent square meter value
Square Inches Square Meters
1 sq in 0.000645 sq m
2 sq in 0.00129 sq m
3 sq in 0.001935 sq m
4 sq in 0.002581 sq m
5 sq in 0.003226 sq m
6 sq in 0.003871 sq m
7 sq in 0.004516 sq m
8 sq in 0.005161 sq m
9 sq in 0.005806 sq m
10 sq in 0.006452 sq m
11 sq in 0.007097 sq m
12 sq in 0.007742 sq m
13 sq in 0.008387 sq m
14 sq in 0.009032 sq m
15 sq in 0.009677 sq m
16 sq in 0.010323 sq m
17 sq in 0.010968 sq m
18 sq in 0.011613 sq m
19 sq in 0.012258 sq m
20 sq in 0.012903 sq m
21 sq in 0.013548 sq m
22 sq in 0.014194 sq m
23 sq in 0.014839 sq m
24 sq in 0.015484 sq m
25 sq in 0.016129 sq m
26 sq in 0.016774 sq m
27 sq in 0.017419 sq m
28 sq in 0.018064 sq m
29 sq in 0.01871 sq m
30 sq in 0.019355 sq m
31 sq in 0.02 sq m
32 sq in 0.020645 sq m
33 sq in 0.02129 sq m
34 sq in 0.021935 sq m
35 sq in 0.022581 sq m
36 sq in 0.023226 sq m
37 sq in 0.023871 sq m
38 sq in 0.024516 sq m
39 sq in 0.025161 sq m
40 sq in 0.025806 sq m

More Square Inch Area Conversions

US Customary
Convert to Square Miles
1 sq in is equal to 2.491E-10 square miles
Convert to Acres
1 sq in is equal to 1.5942E-7 acres
Convert to Square Yards
1 sq in is equal to 0.000772 square yards
Convert to Square Feet
1 sq in is equal to 0.006944 square feet
SI Units
Convert to Square Kilometers
1 sq in is equal to 6.4516E-10 square kilometers
Convert to Square Centimeters
1 sq in is equal to 6.4516 square centimeters
Convert to Square Millimeters
1 sq in is equal to 645.16 square millimeters
Are Units
Convert to Hectares
1 sq in is equal to 6.4516E-8 hectares
Convert to Ares
1 sq in is equal to 6.4516E-6 ares