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1 psi = 0.068948 bar

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How to Convert Pounds per Square Inch to Bars

To convert a measurement in pounds per square inch to a measurement in bars, multiply the pressure by the following conversion ratio: 0.068948 bars/pound per square inch.

Since one pound per square inch is equal to 0.068948 bars, you can use this simple formula to convert:

bars = pounds per square inch × 0.068948

The pressure in bars is equal to the pressure in pounds per square inch multiplied by 0.068948.

For example, here's how to convert 5 pounds per square inch to bars using the formula above.
bars = (5 psi × 0.068948) = 0.344738 bar

Pounds per square inch and bars are both units used to measure pressure. Keep reading to learn more about each unit of measure.

What Are Pounds per Square Inch?

One pound per square inch is the pressure of equal to one pound-force per square inch.

The pound per square inch is a US customary and imperial unit of pressure. A pound per square inch is sometimes also referred to as a pound-force per square inch. Pounds per square inch can be abbreviated as psi; for example, 1 pound per square inch can be written as 1 psi.

PSI can be expressed using the formula:
1 psi = 1 lbf / in2

Pressure in pounds per square inch are equal to the pound-force divided by the area in square inches.

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What Is a Bar?

The bar is equal to 100,000 pascals, which are defined as the pressure of one newton per square meter. One bar is just less than the average atmospheric pressure.

The bar is a non-SI metric unit for pressure. Bars can be abbreviated as bar; for example, 1 bar can be written as 1 bar.

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Pound per Square Inch to Bar Conversion Table

Table showing various pound per square inch measurements converted to bars.
Pounds Per Square Inch Bars
1 psi 0.068948 bar
2 psi 0.137895 bar
3 psi 0.206843 bar
4 psi 0.27579 bar
5 psi 0.344738 bar
6 psi 0.413685 bar
7 psi 0.482633 bar
8 psi 0.55158 bar
9 psi 0.620528 bar
10 psi 0.689475 bar
11 psi 0.758423 bar
12 psi 0.82737 bar
13 psi 0.896318 bar
14 psi 0.965265 bar
15 psi 1.0342 bar
16 psi 1.1032 bar
17 psi 1.1721 bar
18 psi 1.2411 bar
19 psi 1.31 bar
20 psi 1.379 bar
21 psi 1.4479 bar
22 psi 1.5168 bar
23 psi 1.5858 bar
24 psi 1.6547 bar
25 psi 1.7237 bar
26 psi 1.7926 bar
27 psi 1.8616 bar
28 psi 1.9305 bar
29 psi 1.9995 bar
30 psi 2.0684 bar
31 psi 2.1374 bar
32 psi 2.2063 bar
33 psi 2.2753 bar
34 psi 2.3442 bar
35 psi 2.4132 bar
36 psi 2.4821 bar
37 psi 2.5511 bar
38 psi 2.62 bar
39 psi 2.689 bar
40 psi 2.7579 bar

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