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1 km/s = 3.3356E-6 c

How to Convert Kilometers Per Second to Speed Of Light

Speedometers are used in vehicles to measure speed

To convert a kilometer per second measurement to a speed of light measurement, multiply the speed by the conversion ratio. One kilometer per second is equal to 3.3356E-6 speed of light, so use this simple formula to convert:

speed of light = kilometers per second × 3.3356E-6

The speed in speed of light is equal to the kilometers per second multiplied by 3.3356E-6.

For example, here's how to convert 5 kilometers per second to speed of light using the formula above.
5 km/s = (5 × 3.3356E-6) = 1.6678E-5 c

Kilometers per second and speed of light are both units used to measure speed. Keep reading to learn more about each unit of measure.

Kilometers Per Second

Kilometers per second are a measurement of speed expressing the distance travelled in kilometers in one second.

The kilometer per second, or kilometre per second, is an SI unit of speed in the metric system. Kilometers per second can be abbreviated as km/s, and are also sometimes abbreviated as km/sec. For example, 1 kilometer per second can be written as 1 km/s or 1 km/sec.

Kilometers per second can be expressed using the formula:
vkm/s = dkmtsec

The velocity in kilometers per second is equal to the distance in kilometers divided by time in seconds.

Speed Of Light

The speed of light is equal to exactly 299,792,458 meters per second, or 670,616,629 miles per hour.

Speed of light can be abbreviated as c, for example 1 speed of light can be written as 1 c.

Kilometer Per Second Measurements and Equivalent Speed Of Light Conversions

Common kilometer per second values converted to the equivalent speed of light value
Kilometers Per Second Speed Of Light
1 km/s 0.0000033356 c
2 km/s 0.0000066713 c
3 km/s 0.000010007 c
4 km/s 0.000013343 c
5 km/s 0.000016678 c
6 km/s 0.000020014 c
7 km/s 0.000023349 c
8 km/s 0.000026685 c
9 km/s 0.000030021 c
10 km/s 0.000033356 c
11 km/s 0.000036692 c
12 km/s 0.000040028 c
13 km/s 0.000043363 c
14 km/s 0.000046699 c
15 km/s 0.000050035 c
16 km/s 0.00005337 c
17 km/s 0.000056706 c
18 km/s 0.000060042 c
19 km/s 0.000063377 c
20 km/s 0.000066713 c
21 km/s 0.000070048 c
22 km/s 0.000073384 c
23 km/s 0.00007672 c
24 km/s 0.000080055 c
25 km/s 0.000083391 c
26 km/s 0.000086727 c
27 km/s 0.000090062 c
28 km/s 0.000093398 c
29 km/s 0.000096734 c
30 km/s 0.0001 c
31 km/s 0.000103 c
32 km/s 0.000107 c
33 km/s 0.00011 c
34 km/s 0.000113 c
35 km/s 0.000117 c
36 km/s 0.00012 c
37 km/s 0.000123 c
38 km/s 0.000127 c
39 km/s 0.00013 c
40 km/s 0.000133 c

More Kilometer Per Second Speed Conversions

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1 km/s is equal to 1,943.84 knots
Convert to Mach Number
1 km/s is equal to Mach 2.915452
Convert to Speed Of Sound
1 km/s is equal to 2.915452 speed of sound
Convert to Miles Per Hour
1 km/s is equal to 2,236.94 miles per hour
Convert to Feet Per Second
1 km/s is equal to 3,280.84 feet per second
Convert to Kilometers Per Hour
1 km/s is equal to 3,600 kilometers per hour
Convert to Meters Per Second
1 km/s is equal to 1,000 meters per second
Convert to Centimeters Per Second
1 km/s is equal to 100,000 centimeters per second