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1 sq ft = 3.587E-8 sq mi

How to Convert Square Feet to Square Miles

Calculators can be used to convert measurements from one unit to another

Convert square feet to square miles with this simple formula:

square miles = square feet × 3.587E-8

Converting a square foot area measurement to a square mile measurement involves multiplying the area by the conversion ratio to find the result. One square foot is equal to 3.587E-8 square miles, so to convert simply multiply by 3.587E-8.

For example:
5 sq ft = (5 × 3.587E-8) = 1.7935E-7 sq mi

Learn more on how to find the square footage of your space using our square footage calculator.

Square feet and square miles are both units used to measure area. Learn more about area and find more area measurement conversion calculators. Square feet are an imperial measurement and can be abbreviated as sq ft, for example 1 sq ft. Square miles are an imperial measurement and can be abbreviated as sq mi, for example 1 sq mi.

square feet and square miles are units used to measure area
Convert Square Miles to Square Feet

Square Foot Measurements and Equivalent Square Mile Conversions

Common square foot values converted to the equivalent square mile value
Square Feet Square Miles
1 sq ft 0.00000003587 sq mi
2 sq ft 0.00000007174 sq mi
3 sq ft 0.00000010761 sq mi
4 sq ft 0.00000014348 sq mi
5 sq ft 0.00000017935 sq mi
6 sq ft 0.00000021522 sq mi
7 sq ft 0.00000025109 sq mi
8 sq ft 0.00000028696 sq mi
9 sq ft 0.00000032283 sq mi
10 sq ft 0.0000003587 sq mi
11 sq ft 0.00000039457 sq mi
12 sq ft 0.00000043044 sq mi
13 sq ft 0.00000046631 sq mi
14 sq ft 0.00000050218 sq mi
15 sq ft 0.00000053805 sq mi
16 sq ft 0.00000057392 sq mi
17 sq ft 0.00000060979 sq mi
18 sq ft 0.00000064566 sq mi
19 sq ft 0.00000068153 sq mi
20 sq ft 0.0000007174 sq mi
21 sq ft 0.00000075327 sq mi
22 sq ft 0.00000078914 sq mi
23 sq ft 0.00000082501 sq mi
24 sq ft 0.00000086088 sq mi
25 sq ft 0.00000089675 sq mi
26 sq ft 0.00000093262 sq mi
27 sq ft 0.00000096849 sq mi
28 sq ft 0.0000010044 sq mi
29 sq ft 0.0000010402 sq mi
30 sq ft 0.0000010761 sq mi
31 sq ft 0.000001112 sq mi
32 sq ft 0.0000011478 sq mi
33 sq ft 0.0000011837 sq mi
34 sq ft 0.0000012196 sq mi
35 sq ft 0.0000012555 sq mi
36 sq ft 0.0000012913 sq mi
37 sq ft 0.0000013272 sq mi
38 sq ft 0.0000013631 sq mi
39 sq ft 0.0000013989 sq mi
40 sq ft 0.0000014348 sq mi

More Square Foot Area Conversions

US Customary
Convert to Acres
1 sq ft is equal to 2.2957E-5 acres
Convert to Square Yards
1 sq ft is equal to 0.111111 square yards
Convert to Square Inches
1 sq ft is equal to 144 square inches
SI Units
Convert to Square Kilometers
1 sq ft is equal to 9.2903E-8 square kilometers
Convert to Square Meters
1 sq ft is equal to 0.092903 square meters
Convert to Square Centimeters
1 sq ft is equal to 929.0304 square centimeters
Convert to Square Millimeters
1 sq ft is equal to 92,903 square millimeters
Are Units
Convert to Hectares
1 sq ft is equal to 9.2903E-6 hectares
Convert to Ares
1 sq ft is equal to 0.000929 ares