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1 c = 670,616,629.3844 mph

How to Convert Speed Of Light to Miles Per Hour

conversion scale showing speed of light and equivalent miles per hour speed values

To convert a speed of light measurement to a mile per hour measurement, multiply the speed by the conversion ratio. One speed of light is equal to 670,616,629.3844 miles per hour, so use this simple formula to convert:

miles per hour = speed of light × 670,616,629.3844

The speed in miles per hour is equal to the speed of light multiplied by 670,616,629.3844.

For example, here's how to convert 5 speed of light to miles per hour using the formula above.
5 c = (5 × 670,616,629.3844) = 3,353,083,146.922 mph

Speed of light and miles per hour are both units used to measure speed. Keep reading to learn more about each unit of measure.

Speed Of Light

The speed of light is equal to exactly 299,792,458 meters per second, or 670,616,629 miles per hour.

Speed of light can be abbreviated as c, for example 1 speed of light can be written as 1 c.

Miles Per Hour

Miles per hour are a measurement of speed expressing the distance travelled in miles in one hour.

The mile per hour is a US customary and imperial unit of speed. Miles per hour can be abbreviated as mph, and are also sometimes abbreviated as mi/h or MPH. For example, 1 mile per hour can be written as 1 mph, 1 mi/h, or 1 MPH.

Miles per hour can be expressed using the formula:
vmph = dmithr

The velocity in miles per hour is equal to the distance in miles divided by time in hours.

Speed Of Light Measurements and Equivalent Mile Per Hour Conversions

Common speed of light values converted to the equivalent mile per hour value
Speed Of Light Miles Per Hour
1 c 670,616,629 mph
2 c 1,341,233,259 mph
3 c 2,011,849,888 mph
4 c 2,682,466,518 mph
5 c 3,353,083,147 mph
6 c 4,023,699,776 mph
7 c 4,694,316,406 mph
8 c 5,364,933,035 mph
9 c 6,035,549,664 mph
10 c 6,706,166,294 mph
11 c 7,376,782,923 mph
12 c 8,047,399,553 mph
13 c 8,718,016,182 mph
14 c 9,388,632,811 mph
15 c 10,059,249,441 mph
16 c 10,729,866,070 mph
17 c 11,400,482,700 mph
18 c 12,071,099,329 mph
19 c 12,741,715,958 mph
20 c 13,412,332,588 mph
21 c 14,082,949,217 mph
22 c 14,753,565,846 mph
23 c 15,424,182,476 mph
24 c 16,094,799,105 mph
25 c 16,765,415,735 mph
26 c 17,436,032,364 mph
27 c 18,106,648,993 mph
28 c 18,777,265,623 mph
29 c 19,447,882,252 mph
30 c 20,118,498,882 mph
31 c 20,789,115,511 mph
32 c 21,459,732,140 mph
33 c 22,130,348,770 mph
34 c 22,800,965,399 mph
35 c 23,471,582,028 mph
36 c 24,142,198,658 mph
37 c 24,812,815,287 mph
38 c 25,483,431,917 mph
39 c 26,154,048,546 mph
40 c 26,824,665,175 mph

More Speed Of Light Speed Conversions

Convert to Knots
1 c is equal to 582,749,918.4 knots
Convert to Mach Number
1 c is equal to Mach 874,030.5
Convert to Speed Of Sound
1 c is equal to 874,030.5 speed of sound
Convert to Feet Per Second
1 c is equal to 983,571,056.4 feet per second
Convert to Kilometers Per Second
1 c is equal to 299,792.5 kilometers per second
Convert to Kilometers Per Hour
1 c is equal to 1,079,252,848.8 kilometers per hour
Convert to Meters Per Second
1 c is equal to 299,792,458 meters per second
Convert to Centimeters Per Second
1 c is equal to 29,979,245,800 centimeters per second